Catie Perry

WATCH: Post-inauguration Women's March shows "a future that is really going women’s way” Catie Perry
WATCH: Obama WANTS YOU... to run for local office Catie Perry
WATCH: “Vaccines prevent death” — Cardiologist says Trump’s vaccine doubts are harmful Catie Perry
WATCH: "Tension between communities and police is a national security issue" — Author April Ryan speaks out against racial profiling Catie Perry
Sen. George Mitchell says repealing Obamacare would be "a huge step backward for our country" Catie Perry
Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell disagrees with Obama's Cuba strategy: "Fidel Castro was a totalitarian communist" Catie Perry
WATCH: Stephen Apkon speaks about the "power of non-violence" and his new film "Disturbing the Peace" Catie Perry
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