Eric R. Danton

Tiny Desk Domination: How NPR Music took over the tastes of the tastefully plugged-in Eric R. Danton
Robbie Fulks on how not to be "a guy in his 50s singing about sex or good times or even the opposite, about married contentedness" Eric R. Danton
"I was a hope-I-die-before-I-get-old kind of guy": Bob Mould opens up about his career's third act, writing through loss and the presidential election "circus" Eric R. Danton
Jam bands are smarter than indie rockers: They made the pointless concert album all but obsolete Eric R. Danton
"Adventures of Pete & Pete" forever! "It’s really weird to put out a record in 1999 and tour 15 years later" Eric R. Danton
Wayne Coyne has gone mad: Time for the Flaming Lips singer to stop being a monstrous jerk Eric R. Danton
Black Francis, from Pixies to porn: "The commercialization of filmed sexuality. Which continues unabated!" Eric R. Danton
South By Southwest 2014: The one band you need to know today Eric R. Danton
South By Southwest: What you really need to know! Eric R. Danton
South by Southwest: Meet Shelby Earl, the singer you need to know Eric R. Danton
Lady Gaga's early days: "The sexual energy was palpable. You could smell it" Eric R. Danton
Nirvana without Kurt is not Nirvana! Eric R. Danton
Producers are sucking the life out of music Eric R. Danton
The music business is banking on your nostalgia Eric R. Danton
"Call Me Maybe": Like on the phone? Eric R. Danton
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