Julie Hollar

Julie Hollar is senior analyst for FAIR's Election Focus 2020 project. She was Extra!'s managing editor from 2008 to 2014.

Mike Pence; Deborah Birx
How not to cover a pandemic: Talk shows favor government sources, ignore health experts Julie Hollar
Vote; Latex Glove
Can the U.S. hold a free and fair election — especially this one — during a pandemic? Julie Hollar
Joe Biden
Who wants a political revolution? Not major media commentators, at least Julie Hollar
Election 2018 Georgia
Media blows off claims of 2020 voter suppression: It's "complicated" Julie Hollar
Close-up of Money and U.S. Flag
Money in politics: Is there any evidence the media actually cares? Julie Hollar
Michael Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump
Mainstream media pundits look to Mike Bloomberg as Democrats' anti-Bernie savior Julie Hollar
Bernie Sanders
New York Times: Bernie Sanders' plan to fight climate emergency is too ambitious, slightly Trumpy Julie Hollar
New York Times; Democratic candidates
New York Times recycles polls to send a familiar message to Democrats: Go right Julie Hollar
Joe Biden; Bernie Sanders; Elizabeth Warren
New York Times columnist urges Democrats to "seize the center" — and drive away the left Julie Hollar
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
Washington Post goes after Elizabeth Warren with posse of establishment sources Julie Hollar
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