Mike Baker

Oversized load blamed for bridge collapse Mike Baker
John Edwards charged in felony indictment Mike Baker
Criminal charges likely today against John Edwards Mike Baker
At least 35 dead in 6 states after storm's rampage Mike Baker
Stepmother indicted on grisly death of disabled girl Mike Baker
Blackwater suit tossed 7 years after grisly deaths Mike Baker
Surge in bankruptcies shows signs of slowing Mike Baker
Morgan Freeman denies doing ad for NC candidate Mike Baker
Earl blows past Outer Banks on path to Northeast Mike Baker
Earl weakens, but still a threat with 115 mph winds Mike Baker
Earl threatens East Coast with weekend pounding Mike Baker
Some flee, others dig in as Hurricane Earl nears U.S. Mike Baker
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Workers describe failures on Gulf oil rig Mike Baker
BP begins "top kill" effort to stop Gulf oil leak Mike Baker