Prepare for warm weather with 11 new bubbly beverages from ALDI’s summer alcohol line-up

The best part? They're all under $14!

By Joy Saha

Staff Writer

Published April 29, 2023 1:30PM (EDT)

Toasting Spritz and Margarita cocktails (Getty Images/Oleg Breslavtsev)
Toasting Spritz and Margarita cocktails (Getty Images/Oleg Breslavtsev)

You know summer is just around the corner when the weather outside is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. So, what better way to revel in it all than with a fun drink (or drinks)? 

That's why ALDI released its all-new summer alcohol beverage line-up, which is now available on store shelves.

"Just in time for summer, ALDI — one of the fastest-growing grocers in the U.S. — is introducing its NEW Summer Alcohol Beverage line-up nationwide, including 11 new products such as Zarita Cocktail Pouches, Don't Mind If I Do Sparkling Rosé, Intermingle Buttery Chardonnay and more — all for under $14," the supermarket chain wrote in a press email.

"Inspired by hot days and even hotter beverage trends, these poolside-worthy sips will make ALDI the go-to destination for alcoholic beverages this summer at refreshingly low prices. This year's assortment has everything you need to take your summertime sipping up a few degrees, available beginning today."

From bubbly rosé to hard iced teas and citrusy cocktail pouches, here are 11 new bubbly beverages you should pick up during your next ALDI's grocery run:

Don't Mind If I Do Sparkling Rosé
Don't Mind if I Do Sparkling RoseDon't Mind if I Do Sparkling Rose (Photo courtesy of ALDI)Don't Mind if I Do Sparkling RoseDon't Mind if I Do Sparkling Rose (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
Priced at $12.99 a bottle, the ALDI's Don't Mind If I Do Sparkling Rosé flaunts a bright fruit flavor and a refreshing red fruit finish.
Intermingle Buttery Chardonnay
Intermingle Buttery ChardonnayIntermingle Buttery Chardonnay (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
This smooth Chardonnay also includes both aromas and flavors of honeyed pineapple, tropical fruits, buttery vanilla and spices. To top it all off, each bottle is priced at just $6.99.
Corte Bella Dark Red
Corte Bella Dark RedCorte Bella Dark Red (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
Perfect for enjoying alongside grilled meats and BBQ (two summer staples!), this deep and rich wine features notes of blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and black currant. Be sure to grab a bottle for only $8.95!
All Play Hard Iced Tea
All Play Hard Iced Tea Variety PackAll Play Hard Iced Tea Variety Pack (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
This variety pack is a must-have for summer gatherings and parties. Iced tea flavors include Original Tea, Half Tea & Half Lemonade, Peach Tea and Raspberry Tea. Each pack also comes with an impressive price tag of $13.99.
Zarita Cocktail Pouches
Zarita Cocktail PouchesZarita Cocktail Pouches (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
These pouches, available for $1.89 each, are perfect when you're craving a fun summer cocktail minus all the fuss and mess. Flavors include Tropical Hurricane, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada and Lime Margarita.
Zarita Freeze Pops
Zarita Freeze PopsZarita Freeze Pops (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
Alcohol in popsicles? Say no more! ALDI's low-calorie Hard Seltzer Lemonade Freeze Pops come in Lemonade, Mango Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. Each pack of pops is available for $13.99.
Pacific Fruit Vineyards Bubbly Sweet Punch
Pacific Fruit Vineyards Bubbly Sweet PeachPacific Fruit Vineyards Bubbly Sweet Peach (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
If you're a fan of fruity wines, ALDI's Pacific Fruit Vineyards Bubbly Sweet Punch is the perfect pick for you! This light-bodied wine includes notes of fresh peaches, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy with a fresh meal — like a fresh salad or seasonal roasted veggies — and a beautiful day. It's also priced at just $4.99.
Corte Bella Red
Corte Bella Red BlendCorte Bella Red Blend (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
Unlike its dark red cousin, ALDI's Corte Bella Red features notes of rose, raspberry, forest fruit and red fruit. The only similarity it shares with the Corte Bella Dark Red is its price tag, which is also $8.95!
Locken's Tropical Pineapple Kolsch
Locken's Tropical Pineapple KolshLocken's Tropical Pineapple Kolsh (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
This refreshing and fruity style of German beer touts a juicy tropical aroma with an underlying breadiness, as described by ALDI. Available for just $7.99, the beer is the perfect beverage to enjoy with grilled meats and seafood.
Giambellino Watermelon Bellini
Giambellino Watermelon BelliniGiambellino Watermelon Bellini (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
Nothing screams summer like a watermelon-flavored bellini! ALDI's Giambellino Watermelon Bellini swaps out the peach for watermelon to make a cocktail that's perfect to enjoy during weekend brunches. Each bottle is also available for $5.99.
Zarita Blueberry Margarita
Zarita Blueberry MargaritaZarita Blueberry Margarita (Photo courtesy of ALDI)
If you're looking for a cocktail that pairs well with tacos, look no further than ALDI's Zarita Blueberry Margarita. In addition to tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, the brand's rendition of the classic cocktail adds in a generous amount of sweet blueberry flavors. Run, don't walk, to your nearest ALDI to pick up a bottle for just $13.99!

By Joy Saha

Joy Saha is a staff writer at Salon, covering Culture and Food. She holds a BA in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park.


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