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Violence is contagious: Stopping its transmission became the mission of the man who'd fought TB and cholera in Somalia

Addiction is not a disease: A neuroscientist argues that it's time to change our minds on the roots of substance abuse

The boy I used to be: The world would look at me and see Leslie -- they don't know I'm really Peter Pan

How I joined the Mile High Club: Naked, weightless, giggling uncontrollably

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Woman removes Confederate flag in front of SC statehouse

Sean Hannity, very bad critic: Fox News, Sony, Sarah Palin pal help hit movie prey on the gullible

Charleston exposes ugliest truth of our time: Our society places little value on black life

Bobby Jindal, cynical charlatan: How a one-time GOP star turned into another scheming religious wingnut

Wal-Mart could not care less: Capitalism, the Confederate flag and the steep cost of racism

The right-wing senator who frequented prostitutes celebrated marriage equality with Chick-fil-A. Twitter wasn't impressed

Writing to genre stinks: Two debut novelists on the hard line between fantasy and realism -- and why it doesn't make sense

Amy Schumer turned down "The Daily Show" job: Report

Birth control for beginners: What's preventing women from getting access to the full range of contraceptive options?

Director of Nina Simone documentary: "We were in our edit room when the events of Ferguson were unfolding. It reminds you that the struggle is ongoing"

Big business declares war on science: The secret story of the Chamber of Commerce's battle against the environment, global warming action

The Trans-Pacific Partnership's glaring double standard

My fancy law firm hell: I set up a Scale of Dismay to measure the degree to which my job was ruining my life

God is not on our side: The religious right's big lie about the founding of America

College is a con: The savage truth about your bachelor's degree

Killer robots are coming next: The next military-industrial complex will involve real-life Terminators