June 30, 2020 Archive June 2020

Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit punished Trump and other racists – and that's a great thing for freedom

Trump to Black Americans: "If you don't understand your history, you will go back to it again"

Susan Collins still into Brett Kavanaugh, defends his precedent-shattering anti-choice vote

Following weeks of dismal polls, Fox News report wonders whether Trump will drop out

American Airlines abandons social distancing guidelines amid record COVID spikes

John Oliver warns of a "full-blown homelessness crisis" due to COVID eviction tsunami

The hidden downside in the Supreme Court’s ruling to protect abortion rights

Do business leaders have any business being president? Available evidence says no

Martha McSally's health care pledge is at odds with her record

Bolton personally briefed Trump on Russian bounties one year earlier than previously known: report

Anthony Fauci warns that anti-vaxxers could hinder fight against the coronavirus

Carl Reiner, comedy legend and "Dick Van Dyke Show" creator, dies at 98

McGrath edges out progressive Booker in Kentucky primary, setting up duel with McConnell in November

Russia bounty shocker: Trump never cared about the troops — only racism and re-election

Trump's attempt to dodge mask requirements thwarted by new Republican National Convention host city

“Childish”: Republicans have skipped House Intelligence meetings for months amid remote work boycott

"At Home with Amy Sedaris" is the kind of pandemic cooking content we deserve

Dr. Anthony Fauci warns Congress that new coronavirus cases could reach 100,000 per day in the US

Who doesn't love a taco? "Taste the Nation" & the problem with neoliberal immigrant rights activism

A new coronavirus mutation affects the spike protein that invades human cells

HBO's chilling "Welcome to Chechnya" depicts the heroism of ordinary people caught in an LGBTQ purge

Tech barons dream of a better world — without the rest of us

Oakland is at the forefront of a national movement to abolish police from K-12 schools