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Pentagon announces a new UFO task force

Minnesota's secretary of state is "worried" about a "coordinated effort" to undermine voting by mail

Michael Cohen says he was "active and eager participant" in "golden showers" and "tax fraud" in book

"Cancel ‘Rick and Morty’" gains steam after 2009 Dan Harmon doll rape video resurfaces

WATCH: Rachel Maddow narrates salacious excerpts from Michael Cohen’s new book "Disloyal"

GOP stands by complicit as Trump openly touts his sabotage of postal service

As Black progressives unseat Black leaders, incumbents blame it on white "gentrification"

Don't be hoodwinked by Trump's UAE-Israel "peace deal": It's a sham

Political forecast models aren’t more accurate than polls — or the weather

Nurses and doctors sick with Covid feel pressured to get back to work

With Kamala Harris, the get-out-of-the-way generation steps forward

Noam Chomsky about 2020: "Election tampering is a huge industry"

Trump’s decision to block coronavirus aid to hard-hit states will cost 4 million jobs: analysis

Meet the Radical Monarchs, scouts for girls of color, where "the goal is advocacy"

5G is the first stage of a tech war between the U.S. and China

When elections lead to violence: It's happened before — and we're heading that way now

Leaked documents expose plans to "slow mail processing" ahead of Election Day

Fox News politics editor admits Trump has "started to sound desperate" as election nears

Postal Service warns 46 states that mail-in voters may be disenfranchised by slow delivery times

Our "happy gloom": Living a good life in a dying world

"Teenage Bounty Hunters": Dear Jesus, save us from these good Christian girls with guns

These 5 recipes from Chef Lidia's flagship restaurant will bring the flavors of Italy into your home

Netflix's Chef Gabriele Bertaccini: "Food is an equalizer. It brings people together."

Herman Cain’s Twitter account is creeping everyone out: It is still trolling after his death

It’s illegal for federal officials to campaign on the job — but Trump staffers keep doing it anyway

FDA under pressure to speed approval of quick, at-home coronavirus tests

Solar panels are starting to die. What will we do with the megatons of toxic trash?

Philadelphia's deadly MOVE bombing: Why we can't settle for apologies now