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Right-wing fake history is making a big comeback — but it never went away Mike Lofgren
We're a Christian nation! The Civil War wasn't about slavery! Fighting Hitler was a mistake! The lies run deep
11/04/2023 13:00 UTC
Legal experts say the answer is clear: Trump’s actions have already disqualified him from presidency Joseph Ferguson - Thomas A. Durkin
Indictments spell out exactly how Trump engaged in efforts to rebel against the Constitution, scholars say
08/22/2023 09:00 UTC
Here's how to ban Trump — and other MAGA cultists — from holding public office Thom Hartmann
There's a serious movement aimed at keeping Donald Trump off the ballot — and it's backed by the Constitution
08/09/2023 09:30 UTC
How Robbie Robertson's hidden Indigenous and Jewish heritage influenced The Band's mournful songs David Masciotra
The musician's mother told him, "Be proud that you're an Indian, but be careful who you tell"
08/12/2023 14:59 UTC
MTG claims that calling her a "white supremacist" is the same as calling a Black person the "N-word" Tatyana Tandanpolie
Jamaal Bowman accused MTG of using a “bullhorn to put a target on my back” after she called him "threatening"
05/18/2023 18:39 UTC
Far-right Texas lawmaker hit with complaint alleging “inappropriate relationship” with an intern Zach Despart - James Barragán - Patrick Svitek
Bryan Slaton allegedly told her to not speak with anyone about boozy visit to his condo
04/11/2023 14:30 UTC
Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America Michael J. Lee
Scores of wealthy white communities have separated from more diverse school districts
03/21/2023 09:00 UTC
The war of surprises in Ukraine: Could there be one surprise too many? Rajan Menon
One possible surprise in particular should worry us all
03/29/2023 02:00 UTC
“Wrong and honestly evil”: Even Republicans are trashing MTG’s “treasonous” call for secession Igor Derysh
The tweet alone should "disqualify" Greene from sitting on the Homeland Security committee, ex-GOP lawmaker says
02/21/2023 14:03 UTC
From space lasers to civil war: Marjorie Taylor Greene's long audition to be Trump's running mate Austin Sarat - Dennis Aftergut
When considering her rants and tirades, remember this key fact: Marjorie Taylor Greene is in it for herself
03/07/2023 10:30 UTC
Stop mocking Marjorie Taylor Greene Chauncey DeVega
It's not just trolling. Republican threats of civil war should be taken seriously
03/02/2023 11:00 UTC
“Snowflake” Marjorie Taylor Greene defends demand for national divorce: “We want our own safe space” Igor Derysh
Critics quickly mocked Greene's comment as "beyond parody"
03/01/2023 14:06 UTC
MTG’s past comes back to haunt her after she claims a woman “attacked” her in a restaurant Gabriella Ferrigine
Critics responded by pointing out the time Greene chased and harassed a school shooting survivor
02/28/2023 20:49 UTC
Make Republicans great again?: Nikki Haley's diet-MAGA problem Clarence Lusane
The race politics of the GOP have only become rawer and more aggressive with each election
03/07/2023 09:00 UTC
“It’s white supremacy”: MTG's call for "national divorce" would "disenfranchise Black voters" Chris Walker
Greene’s plan would increase states’ powers while potentially limiting rights protected by the federal government
02/23/2023 22:30 UTC