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“I do not plan to concede”: GOPer who lost by 20 points vows to “investigate strange occurrences” Brad Reed
Michael Peroutka, the pro-secession nominee to be Maryland's attorney general, suggests he lost due to fraud
11/10/2022 19:30 UTC
Inequality is literally killing us: The most unequal societies suffer most in public health metrics Stephen Bezruchka
Income inequality has soared with the pandemic, providing incriminating evidence that it kills
11/27/2022 19:00 UTC
"Patriotic education": Experts say Texas GOP's new "1836 Project" airbrushes oppression and poverty Sneha Dey
Historians are not wild about the Texas GOP's view of state history
09/27/2022 08:00 UTC
How the Big Lie poison continues to spread — and why it's getting worse Chauncey DeVega
Reason and truth will never defeat the Big Lie — its supporters are waging a religious war against democracy
09/16/2022 10:30 UTC
Lincoln's midterms: The lessons of 1862, and how they may still apply Matthew Rozsa
At the worst moment of division and carnage in American history, we still had midterm elections to get through
08/14/2022 10:00 UTC
New "radical" Texas GOP platform rejects Biden’s win and pushes vote to secede from the U.S. Igor Derysh
Texas GOP also called to repeal the Voting Rights Act and labeled homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice”
06/21/2022 13:41 UTC
America as a war zone: Trump has turned the nation toward anger and violence Andrea Mazzarino
Donald Trump has occupied America's hearts and minds. The trauma is everywhere, and it won't heal overnight
07/07/2022 10:00 UTC
Trumpism without Trump: Maybe he's beginning to fade — but the danger to democracy isn't Paul Rosenberg
Trump's 2020 "Lost Cause" ideology has taught Republicans how to seize power — and they may not need him anymore
06/12/2022 17:07 UTC
7 misconceptions about the Civil War Jay Serafino
No. 4. All amputations were done without anesthesia.
05/14/2022 18:59 UTC
Why is the American right waging a stealth neocolonial assault on Somalia? Mohamoud Gaildon
In the 19th century, my homeland was carved up by imperialists. Now that's in danger of happening all over again
04/03/2022 10:00 UTC
We can stop the white-collar insurrectionists from doing it again: Here's how Noah Bookbinder
The Capitol mob isn't the real problem. Those in power who inspired them must be barred from holding office
02/03/2022 10:30 UTC
Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests using “Second Amendment rights” against Democrats Igor Derysh
MTG still wants a "national divorce." Democrats respond: Come out for civil war and "declare yourself a traitor"
01/12/2022 17:53 UTC
How Abraham Lincoln dealt with traitors and insurrectionists: A history lesson Matthew Rozsa
After a bitter election, much of the nation resisted and rebelled — but this president knew where to draw the line
12/12/2021 11:00 UTC
The new GOP "Southern Strategy": Civil war or "Leave It To Beaver"? Thom Hartmann
How long will it take Republicans to call racism by its name?
11/19/2021 22:26 UTC
Pride and prejudice: Forget critical race theory — let's talk about critical race facts Lucian K. Truscott IV
Real history isn't designed to make white people feel good — and they can't hide from the truth forever
11/20/2021 13:00 UTC