Andrew O'Hehir

Andrew O'Hehir is executive editor of Salon.

Donald Trump
Is Donald Trump on drugs? That's seriously the wrong question Andrew O'Hehir
Donald Trump
Waterloo for the anti-anti-Trump left (and all other normalizers): You knew he was a snake Andrew O'Hehir
Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders
A New Year's resolution for Democrats: To win in 2020, get the f**k over 2016 already Andrew O'Hehir
Impeachment Vote; House of Representatives
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Valerie Pachner and August Diehl
Stars of Malick's "A Hidden Life": When saying no is "enough to change the world" Andrew O'Hehir
“Bombshell” is a muddled, soapy mess that doesn’t do Fox News nor #MeToo any favors Andrew O'Hehir
Boris Johnson
After a big win for Boris Johnson and Brexit, British left faces the darkness Andrew O'Hehir
Jeremy Corbyn; Boris Johnson
Britain's big election, and ours: David Kogan on "a critical turning point" in left history Andrew O'Hehir
Joe Biden; Adam Schiff; Nancy Pelosi
Impeachment and the Democrats: How will they screw this up? Let me count the ways Andrew O'Hehir
Tulis Gabbard; Kamala Harris
Decoding Harris v. Gabbard, round 2: Democrats' back-to-the-future Obama hunt continues Andrew O'Hehir
Jim Jordan; Devin Nunes; John Ratcliffe
Impeachment, Day One: Republicans weaponize nihilism, defend Trump, destroy reality Andrew O'Hehir
Sherrod Brown; Salon Talks
Sen. Sherrod Brown on a "new progressive era" in America — and no, he's not running Andrew O'Hehir
John Bolton
Is John Bolton a hero? Hell no — except in the gritty mob-thriller version of the Trump era Andrew O'Hehir
Donald Trump; Nancy Pelosi
Donald Trump is a criminal — and impeachment is a murky, amoral struggle. Both these things are true Andrew O'Hehir
"Parasite": A prickly, disturbing class-war thriller — and a signature film of 2019 Andrew O'Hehir