Eoin Higgins

Donald Trump; Joe Biden
Battleground states poll brings bad news for Joe Biden Eoin Higgins
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
Schumer says Democrats about to go "Rooseveltian" on COVID-19 relief. Progressives say we hope so Eoin Higgins
Greg Abbott
Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott reopens economy one day after state sees highest COVID-19 deaths yet Eoin Higgins
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
Despite COVID-19, GOP governors force residents to get back to work or lose unemployment benefit Eoin Higgins
Bernie Sanders; Joe Biden
"Democracy is dead": Sanders supporters dismayed by New York's move to remove Bernie from ballot Eoin Higgins
Donald Trump; Benjamin Netanyahu
US intel on threat of coronavirus shared with Israel and NATO in November: report Eoin Higgins
Bernie Sanders
"Wall Street feared Bernie": Stock market surges 700 points after Sanders suspends campaign Eoin Higgins
American Flag; Woman sitting on a hospital bed
COVID-19 crisis sparks demand for US to nationalize hospitals Eoin Higgins
Donald Trump; Military
Amid COVID-19 outbreak, lawmakers push for even more wasteful Pentagon spending Eoin Higgins
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders raises $2 million for coronavirus relief Eoin Higgins
Bill Barr
Conservatives push back on Bill Barr's reported plan to detain indefinitely without a trial Eoin Higgins
Bernie Sanders
"Uncharted Waters": DC lobbyists panic over possibility of Sanders win Eoin Higgins
Mike Bloomberg campaign
Bloomberg hires Super Tuesday state Democratic vice chairs Eoin Higgins
MSNBC guest under fire for saying voters won't choose Dem nominee Eoin Higgins
Bolivia; Protest
Study: Right-wing coup in Bolivia was based on false claims of election fraud Eoin Higgins