Keith A. Spencer

Keith A. Spencer is a senior editor at Salon who edits Salon's science and health vertical. His book, "A People's History of Silicon Valley: How the Tech Industry Exploits Workers, Erodes Privacy and Undermines Democracy," was released in 2018. Follow him on Twitter at @keithspencer, or on Facebook here.

Silhouette Depress Woman Sitting And Hold Smartphone
Superhero in the office break room having a snack
Moon or Planet Being Destroyed Explosion
Sad woman sitting in the crowd
A part of complex Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is seen underground during the Open Days at the CERN particle physics research facility
Infusion tubes are seen at the bedside of an intubated Corona patient in an intensive care room at the Asklepios Clinic
Inner city Detroit, Michigan
Muon g-2 ring
The Simpsons
Martin Scorsese
I care a Lot
Best of 2020
UFO; Earth
Something Good 2020; Kentucky Route Zero
Trump Supporters