Keith A. Spencer

Keith A. Spencer is a senior editor for Salon. He manages Salon's science, tech, economy and health coverage. His book, "A People's History of Silicon Valley: How the Tech Industry Exploits Workers, Erodes Privacy and Undermines Democracy," was released in 2018. Follow him on Twitter at @keithspencer, or on Facebook here.

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Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman is here to fight the undead Keith A. Spencer
Teen in a Dark Room
A new psych paper perfectly explains why being extremely online makes you cynical Keith A. Spencer
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David Talbot on how journalism has changed: "I wouldn't have been able to start Salon today" Keith A. Spencer
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Why solve climate change when you can monetize it? Keith A. Spencer
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Against meal kits Keith A. Spencer
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Living in a World That Can't Be Fixed; Curtis White; Woodstock
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The wives of the Internet don’t approve Keith A. Spencer
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House for Sale; San Francisco; Bay Area
Housing price slump in the expensive Bay Area could signify economic shift ahead Keith A. Spencer