Steven Salaita

Steven Salaita currently holds the Edward W. Said Chair of American Studies at the American University of Beirut.  His most recent book is Uncivil Rites:  Palestine and the Limits of Academic Freedom.  @stevesalaita

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton
Vote for Hillary, be a sucker: It's OK to reject the choice of a tyrannical liberal or a right-wing tyrant Steven Salaita
Bernie Sanders, Benjamin Netanyahu
I won't vote for Bernie Sanders: His feeble position on Israel is a serious progressive problem Steven Salaita
Sarah Palin, Donald Trump
Our terrified hyperpatriots: Here's what Palin, Trump and anti-Muslim extremists fear most Steven Salaita
California Shootings
Syed Farooq is an American: Let's stop the Muslim vs. Christian debate and take a look at ourselves Steven Salaita
We must give the land back: America's brutality toward Native Americans continues today Steven Salaita
Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer, pleasant corporate stooge: America's double standard on politicizing the Olympics Steven Salaita
Peter Beinart's colonial logic: Opponents of Israel boycott make anti-democratic arguments Steven Salaita
Academics should boycott Israel: Growing movement takes next step Steven Salaita
Nothing scarier than a nervous white man: The "Redskins" debate is really about white privilege Steven Salaita
Racist "patriots" want me dead: I dared criticize "the troops" Steven Salaita
No, thanks: Stop saying "support the troops" Steven Salaita
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