Condiments with some chill: CBD enters the world of sauces

From hot sauces to honeys, here are the CBD-infused condiments that belong on your shelves

By Ashlie D. Stevens

Food Editor

Published July 18, 2021 5:30PM (EDT)

CBD Condiments (Photo illustration by Salon/Ashlie Stevens)
CBD Condiments (Photo illustration by Salon/Ashlie Stevens)

Over the last decade, CBD has steadily infiltrated supermarket shelves. If you haven't noticed, next time you're at the grocery, take a little trip up and down the aisles. 

You'll find CBD-infused sodas, seltzers, candy bars, gummies, smoothie kits, cereals and even (if you're lucky) "Flamin' Hot Weetos,"a crunchy snack coated with neon-red chili powder that contains 100 milligrams of hemp CBD.

Increasingly, the condiment aisle, as well as my personal condiment stash, is reflecting that trend as cannabis companies continue to permeate other markets, and existing food brands hitch their wagons to the brightly burning star that is CBD. 

From infused honeys to hits of spice, here are some sauces that can add a little chill to your day-to-day dining. 

But first, what is CBD and why is it so popular? 

As I wrote in Salon's beginner's guide to cooking with CBD — which you can read here — the cannabis plant contains at least 80 chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The one that most people are probably familiar with is THC, the primary psychoactive compound that leads to the effects of people most closely associate with smoking or ingesting marijuana: a slowed perception of time, mood elevation, and you know, the munchies. 

CBD is one of the other cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana. It's non-psychoactive, so you won't get "high"; however it can provide benefits like relaxation, decreased inflammation and reduced anxiety. 

What CBD condiments should I think about adding to my stash? 

Here are some Saucy-approved CBD-infused condiments: 

  • Loud Grandma CBD Chili Crisp Oil. Created by Calvin Eng, a Cantonese chef born and raised in Brooklyn, Loud Grandma CBD Chili Crisp oil is a little fruity and funky — thanks to the delicious pairing of Szechuan peppercorn and fermented black soybeans — with that signature spicy crunch of fried chili flakes. It's not crazy hot, but it packs a flavorful punch when used on leftover rice or spooned over scrambled eggs. Each teaspoon is a 10-milligram dose of CBD. 
  • Potli's CBD Feel Good Honey. This product is crafted with raw, wildflower honey harvested in California and infused with 10 milligrams of CBD per teaspoon. While you won't feel much of a buzz (sorry) after consuming the honey, it is a solid addition to cups of tea, iced coffees and cocktails. Maybe try it in a Gold Rush
  • Hot Sloth CBD Hot Sauce. This bright magenta hot sauce has a super complex flavor profile. There's white miso paste, fermented plum, dragonfruit, habanero and 15 milligrams of CBD per teaspoon. Hot Sloth is the brain-child of former Alinea executive chef Mike Bagale and his partner food writer Kat Odell. It has a slow-growing, smoky and sweet heat that is killer on fish tacos and incorporated into barbecue. 


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By Ashlie D. Stevens

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