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Limbaugh baselessly accuses Fauci of being a "Clinton sympathizer" who wants to "get rid" of Trump

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Kansas Republicans overturn governor’s limit on crowd sizes in churches

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"Wall Street feared Bernie": Stock market surges 700 points after Sanders suspends campaign

U.S. wages economic war on Iran during pandemic, as mainstream media looks away

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What Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about hospital emergency rooms

Trump says he only gave Colorado 1% of the ventilators it needs after GOP senator asked for them

Trump trolls Bernie supporters, urging them to turn against Joe Biden

Bill O’Reilly shrugs off coronavirus fatalities: Many of the dead “were on their last legs, anyway”

McCain nails Trump as he attempts to honor prisoners of war: No one "will ever forget what you said"

Brzezinski scorches Trump for botched pandemic response: "The emperor’s clothes fall off every day"

Cutting your own hair doesn't have to be sheer terror. Here are tips from the pros

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William Barr tells Fox News host Laura Ingraham that coronavirus stay-at-home orders are "draconian"

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Fear of inadequate work safety measures prompts California fast food workers to strike