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Judge says defamation lawsuit filed by Nunes family may be dismissed without more evidence

Suspects confronted Ahmaud Arbery days before he was fatally shot, neighbor says

"How is that based in science?": Fox hosts without medical backgrounds question top disease expert

White House "shelved" CDC document warning of second wave of coronavirus infections: report

"Go back to work": Republican Rep. Jim Jordan slams idea of federal help for struggling Americans

The media is taking the bait on Trump’s fake "Obamagate" scandal

Ousted whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright warns U.S. could face "darkest winter in modern history"

Exclusive: Pompeo, DeVos and other Trump cabinet members have deep financial ties to China

Trump and Musk: Two unstable geniuses compared

Can’t eat gluten? New study suggests you should take a look at your nonstick pans

How can we save lives and keep workers in place? Congress should pass a paycheck guarantee

Show me a hero: New York Times health reporter Donald McNeil has seized the moment

Hannity attacks judge for pushback over move to dismiss Flynn charges: "You reek of political bias"

As hunger soars, Trump USDA resumes effort to take nutrition benefits from more than 1 million

Governor warns of "more deaths" after Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down stay-at-home order

Bartiromo agrees with Trump that Obamagate is big "scandal" even though he can't explain it to her

Judge who sentenced Roger Stone to prison orders Trump administration to turn over Ukraine emails

Richard Burr steps aside as Senate Intel chair after FBI seizes his phone in probe of stock sales

GOP's "deep state" hypocrisy: They're shocked by Flynn case, but cool with warrantless searches

Attempt to dismiss Flynn charges upended as court appoints former judge to probe possible perjury

The pandemic exposes the truth: Right-wing "individualism" is just selfish garbage

Merely talking normally may spread coronavirus

"Lives were lost": Bright calls out Trump administration over personal protective equipment shortage

Mitch McConnell's Patriot Act expansion would hand William Barr unprecedented spy powers

Downplaying threat posed to kids, Trump calls Fauci's cautions over reopening schools "unacceptable"

Trump lawyers cry “presidential harassment” after appeals court rejects bid to block emoluments suit

What if the coronavirus is never eradicated? Scientists say it's possible

YouTube videos on COVID-19 causing "a pandemic of misinformation," study finds

Cats and dogs are both susceptible to coronavirus — but cats have it worse

"The Good Fight" maps a way to pull victory out of a string of losses