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Kavanaugh's vote to restrict abortion thwarted as Roberts joins liberals to reject Louisiana law

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Trump campaign removed social distancing stickers in Tulsa as staffers tested positive for COVID-19

Wendy’s chairman and top owner is a Trump donor, fundraiser and friend

Washington Post stopped Bob Woodward from outing Brett Kavanaugh as lying anonymous source: report

House Democrats threaten to ban Republicans who refuse to wear masks from coronavirus hearings

Sled dogs are closely related to "ancient dogs" from more than 9,000 years ago

Trump claims he wasn't briefed on Russia bounties as US intel links them to killing of three Marines

Trump retweets video of armed white couple threatening Black protesters with AR-15

Iran calls for Interpol to issue a "red warning" for the immediate arrest of President Trump

No incumbent has ever won re-election after being in "as big a hole" as Trump: analysis

"Not even close to being over": WHO chief says pandemic is "speeding up" despite some progress

Dulcé Sloan is not here for your excuses that you "didn't know" about the depth of U.S. racism