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"This scheme is illegal": Trump campaign masked $170 million in payments, watchdog alleges

Trump storms out of press briefing after CNN reporter questions his promotion of quack doctor

Sheriff threatens to ignore 911 calls over support for Black Lives Matter: "I wish you good luck"

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Killing democracy in America: The military-industrial complex as a cytokine storm

Bill Barr on Capitol Hill: Lies, evasions and a promise to "follow the law." Be very afraid

As wildfire season nears, pulmonologists fear smoke will worsen COVID-19 symptoms

NYPD admits it’s used unmarked vehicles to apprehend suspects for “decades” after “disturbing” video

Senate GOP rejects pandemic food stamp aid while calling to double “three-martini lunch” deduction

Lincoln Project calls Susan Collins a "Trump stooge": She "never stands up" to the president

"Go back to school": Trump pushes back on GOP opposition to funding new FBI building near his hotel

Health vs. the economy? It was always a bogus choice, but the media helped spread it

Texas Democrats running for the US House have more campaign cash than Republicans

Brett Kavanaugh urged Supreme Court to avoid decisions on Trump’s tax returns and abortion: report

Netflix's existential "Shine Your Eyes" searches for a man who "inhabits the world of fiction"

Lindsey Graham ad shows Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison with digitally darkened skin tone

President Trump admits to Americans that Fox News is "not even watchable"

In HBO's sobering "Weight of Gold," athletes reveal the mental toll of becoming an Olympian

Trump-loving Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert blames wearing a face mask for his positive COVID-19 test

Minneapolis “Umbrella Man” is white supremacist who tried to incite riot after Floyd killing: police