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With Trump donor in charge, Postal Service may shut locations and cut service before Election Day

After U.S. economy's most disastrous quarter on record, what lies ahead?

The first dog in the US to test positive for COVID-19 has died

Global airline body projects world air travel won't recover for another four years

Dr. Fauci tried to warn Trump about a global outbreak before he took office

Right-wing militias warned of excessive federal power — now that it’s here, most are doing nothing

AOC pushes to ban military recruiting on video game streaming platform Twitch

The CDC-to-HHS data switch isn’t responsible for a decline in cases. But it’s a “catastrophe"

Exclusive: Right-wing nonprofits hit with criminal complaint for self-dealing, tax violations

On Medicare and Medicaid’s 55th birthday, let’s expand benefits — not cut them

Dr. Justin Frank: "It is terrifying to have a president who is psychotic"

In Portland, getting out of jail requires protesters relinquish their First Amendment right

The year of dark magical thinking: Trump's petty revenge fantasies have killed thousands

Nunes refuses to say if he got Biden dirt from Kremlin-linked official after Democrats contact FBI

Republicans would rather destroy the country than ease up on brutal class war

30 million families to lose federal unemployment benefits as Senate GOP skips town for long weekend

Why did Jared Kushner’s plan for widespread COVID-19 testing "just went poof into thin air"?

One day after Trump floats delaying the election, he suggests moving it up instead

Trump threatened to "fill out the absentee ballot" after struggling to cast in-person vote in 2004

"The everyday guy can fight and sometimes win": ACLU doc goes inside four David & Goliath cases

Dr. Fauci says it's not "dreaming" that a coronavirus vaccine could arrive by 2021

Trump says mail voting is bad, but absentee voting is good. His lawyers admit they’re the same thing

With "Maxxx," O-T Fagbenle subversively takes on pop culture's soft-serve cultural appropriation

James Murdoch resigns from News Corp, citing "disagreements" over editorial content