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AOC just delivered a live-stream of her playing a video game. Here's why this is a big deal Matthew Rozsa
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be the only congressperson who streams gameplay. She is unlikely to be the last
10/21/2020 22:57 UTC
Whoops, Trump did it again — the same blackmail scheme that got him impeached Amanda Marcotte
Trump was impeached for blackmailing Ukraine's president. Now he's trying the same scheme on his own FBI director
10/22/2020 17:47 UTC
Bill Barr shows his true colors — and they're terrifying. Honestly, we should have known Heather Digby Parton
Lesson learned: Just because a Republican has been around D.C. forever doesn't mean he's not a hardcore fascist
09/18/2020 13:28 UTC
Death Star blows itself up: Trump ran his campaign finances like his businesses — into the ground Amanda Marcotte
It's no surprise that Trump's campaign is a giant grift. But will his donors keep pouring good money after bad?
09/08/2020 17:26 UTC
Feeling guilty about wishing Trump ill? Therapists say it's a normal reaction to being disempowered Nicole Karlis
Schadenfreude towards the president is a "normal" response to those who've been hurt by him, therapists say
10/07/2020 21:44 UTC
"Three-Body Problem" series from David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Alexander Woo set at Netflix Joe Otterson
The trio will adapt Liu Cixin's Chinese book series about humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization
09/02/2020 04:20 UTC
From mansplainers to sexual assaulters, Kate Manne explains how society empowers men to harm women Amanda Marcotte
It may be uncomfortable, but it's important to say it: Sexism exists because men benefit from women's oppression
08/10/2020 19:00 UTC
Progressives rage at "megalomaniac dime store dictator" Trump for ditching COVID relief talks Jessica Corbett
AOC: "An anti-everybody agenda." Ilhan Omar: "The only logical response to this f**kery is to vote them out"
10/07/2020 10:00 UTC
Do voters want "back to normal" or big, sweeping change? Maybe it's both at once Andrew O'Hehir
Joe Biden may win in a landslide — but the grassroots left insurgency can't be stopped. It's not a contradiction
08/09/2020 18:39 UTC
"Frontline: United States of Conspiracy" shows how Alex Jones conquered the truth Melanie McFarland
The latest "Frontline" tracks the path of Jones' conspiracies theories from the fringes to the center of democracy
07/28/2020 21:39 UTC
What’s coming to Disney Plus in September 2020 Klaritza Rico
From "The Wolverine" and "Bend It Like Beckham" to the "Mighty Ducks" franchise, there's something for everyone
09/05/2020 01:14 UTC
Bannon is the latest Trump ally to "get fitted with a free pair of steel bracelets": GOP pundit Alex Henderson
"Bannon is going to be spending a lot of time with his lawyers this fall," Amanda Carpenter writes
08/24/2020 09:28 UTC
Trump has made fracking an election issue. Has he misjudged Pennsylvania? Nina Lakhani
Donald Trump has made fracking a flashpoint in the 2020 presidential race. Voters are skeptical
10/18/2020 13:29 UTC
There was no "Trump derangement syndrome": We were right about him all along Chauncey DeVega
Those of us who warned America that fascism was coming were called hysterical alarmists. How does that feel now?
08/04/2020 11:00 UTC
Help, I'm addicted to my Sodastream Amanda Marcotte
A break in the supply chain forced me to confront how much pop I drink — and how much I refuse to feel bad about it
09/07/2020 14:00 UTC