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How Amanda Hesser changed the way we cook Kelly Vaughan
The Food52 community shares the most important lessons from their founder
12/27/2021 11:30 UTC
"March for Life" is a misnomer — GOP's pro-COVID stance makes clear Amanda Marcotte
There's nothing "pro-life" about a Supreme Court or conservative groups that reject life-saving COVID-19 vaccines
01/21/2022 18:05 UTC
The critics were right: "Critical race theory" panic is just a cover for silencing educators Amanda Marcotte
Republicans said they wouldn't ban books or erase history — but that is exactly what they're doing
01/28/2022 17:55 UTC
Insurrection by other means: The far right is using anti-vax sentiment to radicalize Republicans Amanda Marcotte
The weekend's anti-vaccine rally in D.C. was heavy on violence-inspiring rhetoric and fascist recruitment
01/24/2022 18:10 UTC
The 2022 midterms will be all about Jan. 6: Democrats can win if they fight Trump's Big Lie Amanda Marcotte
The insurrection is a wedge issue pitting moderates against the far-right. Democrats should not hesitate to use it
01/10/2022 18:11 UTC
The crypto crash isn't just tulip-trading — it's a result of the toxic entitlement that led to Trump Amanda Marcotte
Vaccine refusal, tech bro libertarianism and Trump: It's all the same white guy refusal to play nice with others
01/26/2022 18:10 UTC
Extremist politicians aren't a "both sides" issue — it's strictly a GOP phenomenon Amanda Marcotte
Republicans want to overturn elections and spread disease — while progressive Dems just want better social programs
01/25/2022 18:06 UTC
Republicans ignore Michael Cohen's warning at a cost: Blind loyalty to Trump is dangerous business Amanda Marcotte
Sorry McCarthy, those who protect Trump will "suffer the same consequences that I’m suffering," Cohen once warned
01/13/2022 17:59 UTC
Why the right sees Biden's promise of a Black woman on the Supreme Court as an attack Amanda Marcotte
Right-wing media doesn't need a name to know their narrative: Any Black female nominee is inherently unsuitable
01/27/2022 18:33 UTC
Republicans have hijacked the process: Congressional hearings are now rife with conspiracy theories Amanda Marcotte
Taxpayers are funding a right wing derangement loop, allowing GOP leaders to detach their base further from reality
01/12/2022 18:04 UTC
Media messes up coverage of voting rights, blames Biden for GOP's racism Amanda Marcotte
Sorry, mainstream media: Republicans aren't one lunch meeting away from dropping their support for white supremacy
01/20/2022 18:03 UTC
Trump's coup failed — but January 6 was a success Amanda Marcotte
The Capitol riot may have failed, but Trump finished his fascist takeover of the GOP
01/06/2022 18:02 UTC
The real crime wave that Fox News is ignoring: Domestic violence has increased drastically Amanda Marcotte
In 2021, property crime rates were largely down — but domestic abuse has skyrocketed in an age of pandemic
12/23/2021 18:20 UTC
Republican voters don't actually "believe" the Big Lie about January 6 — they're in on the con Amanda Marcotte
Don't take what Republicans say to pollsters at face value — they are happy to lie in service of the fascist cause
01/04/2022 17:56 UTC
Why voters don't blame Republicans for the Capitol riot — no GOP leaders have been arrested yet Amanda Marcotte
As long as Trump and other leaders walk free, low information voters will conclude that January 6 was no big deal
01/18/2022 17:52 UTC