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"Mad Men" eulogies: Peggy Olson, feminist hero

A pot-bellied pig walks into a Burger King: The week in weird news

Alex Gibney on Scientology’s culture of "vitriol and hate": "If you do leave, they go after you hard"

Francesca Lia Block says Weetzie Bat is not a manic pixie dream girl: "I don’t love what I’ve seen of that"

Short film "Sundays" goes viral, sparks Hollywood's hottest bidding war: The age of the tiny movie with big ambitions is here

Hal Hartley's epic oral history: The "Henry Fool" trilogy, Parker Posey and the real sage of '90s indie film

Kentucky tries to keep things perfect vs Wisconsin

Lydia Ko's under-par streak ends at 29 with 1-over 73

Anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters clash around Australia

The GOP's lottery-ticket philosophy: How extreme wealth is deranging American politics

It's the culture war, stupid: Why identity is at the heart of Indiana's "religious freedom" fight

Right-wing Christianity teaches bigotry: The ugly roots of Indiana's new anti-gay law

How the 1 percent always wins: "We live in a faux democracy, which is why everyone's so cynical and nobody votes"

Karl Rove: I won't apologize for the Iraq War

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"Islam is not a religion of peace": Ayaan Hirsi Ali

R.E.M.'s "Monster" ranked from start to finish: An underappreciated, polarizing album that's aged very well

Secrets of the hate-pizza revolution: Indiana's dreadful culture-war week

"One nation under God"? Not when it comes to distributing Gideon Bibles to public schools

"Mad Men" eulogies: Megan Draper, would-be Charlie Manson victim

“What would happen if women could order Brad Pitt’s sperm?"

Serena wins 8th Key Biscayne title by beating Suarez Navarro