November 22, 2015 Archive November 2015

"It's unacceptable to give religious privilege only to those who believe in the supernatural": The Satanic Temple challenges the religious right

Chris Cornell: "I think half of all my records are about my wife"

"Master of None" tackles the empathy gap: How nuanced minority stories can shrink the emotional gulf between white Americans and "others"

The peak of Sinatra's power: "Every Sinatra performance was acting. His greatest performance was as himself"

"Liquid Sky": This glam early-'80s sci-fi masterpiece that predicted the AIDS crisis could disappear forever

The ghost that haunts American literature: The genius & the repugnance of H.P. Lovecraft

My doctor told me it was all in my head; I might have died if I'd believed him

"Men are rubbing themselves raw": The trick to avoid losing penis sensitivity

David Brooks' sanctimonious piffle: Sad trees die for gauzy, Hallmark-card nonsense

Punch the lying bullies in the nose: Trump, Cruz and GOP know-nothings only win when Democrats cower -- or provide an echo

This is why David Vitter lost: Gutter politics from a prostitute-procuring politician don't work against a conservative Democrat from West Point

Inside the plot to kill JFK: The secret story of the CIA and what really happened in Dallas

The must-see "Saturday Night Live" sketch before you battle drunk Republican relatives this Thanksgiving

Economic radicalism is the only answer: The most practical way to fix our broken economy

"Methadone for car addicts": Lessons in carsharing -- learned the hard way

Sniffing out ovarian cancer: Working dogs help in the war on cancer -- with their amazing noses

America has never recovered from Ronald Reagan. That's why Bernie Sanders is so important.

The message that America desperately needs to acknowledge: Arab Lives Matter

Southern whites will not surrender: They believe their own Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel psychopathology