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Billions of children are being punished by the pandemic

BP and Shell will keep (some of) it in the ground

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Money talks: Big business, political strategy and corporate involvement in U.S. state politics

Republican attorneys general group launches race-baiting ad campaign against "lawless liberals"

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Tucker Carlson 2024: Is the Fox News superstar positioning himself as Trump's natural successor?

Furious Trump tells followers to turn off Fox News after poll shows him losing in six swing states

Fox News edits Trump out of photo with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell — but not Melania

Kayleigh McEnany on Fox News: Trump thinks NASCAR made a "rush to judgment" in condemning noose

Supreme Court: States can force Electoral College delegates to vote for winner of popular vote

Donald Trump's re-election bet: American voters are still racist at heart

Susan Collins trails Democratic challenger after approval rating plummets by 31 points under Trump

Niece says Trump remains "much as he was at three years old": "Unable to regulate his emotions"

Lindsey Graham sides with Bubba Wallace over Trump: NASCAR driver has nothing "to apologize for"

Some scientists believe coronavirus spreads through air much more readily than previous thought

One-third of the prisoners in California's San Quentin State Prison have coronavirus

Imagine Kanye's presidential bid not spoiling anything — "Hamilton" parties or the election

Author Max Brooks on America's poor pandemic response and why Donald Trump is "a homicidal buffoon"

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Mike Flynn swears allegiance to QAnon in Fourth of July video

COVID-19 linked to strokes and psychosis: study

Amy Cooper charged with making a false report after calling cops on Black birder in Central Park

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Bizarre "pink snow" in the Alps is actually a bad omen for Earth

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Breonna Taylor lawsuit claims no-knock warrant was part of Louisville gentrification plan

Who got PPP loans? List shows Hollywood talent agencies, law firms and Kanye West’s Yeezy brand