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We asked scientists what they think of the FBI's assessment that COVID came from a Chinese lab Matthew Rozsa
The director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, fanned the flames of speculation that blame the Chinese government
03/03/2023 10:30 UTC
US is racing toward a looming "hunger cliff," food insecurity experts warn Ashlie D. Stevens
As pandemic-era emergency SNAP benefits expire, millions of Americans face food insecurity
03/04/2023 22:35 UTC
Simplifying the vaccine: Why a new COVID booster each fall could be the norm moving forward Nicole Karlis
An FDA advisory committee recommended a major overhaul to how COVID shots are issued
01/27/2023 17:00 UTC
Former President Jimmy Carter enters hospice care Julia Conley
Carter has faced some health issues in recent years and received treatment for cancer in 2015
02/19/2023 17:14 UTC
New millionaire White House chief of staff built his fortune investing in firms accused of fraud Jake Johnson
"Jeff Zients has become astonishingly rich by profiteering in healthcare," watchdog group warns
01/23/2023 21:31 UTC
“There will be no limits”: Alarm over "increasing nuclear danger" after Putin pulls out of treaty Jake Johnson
"Each side could double the number of their deployed strategic nuclear warheads within 2-3 years," expert warns
02/21/2023 15:45 UTC
“Dangerous and deadly”: Ron DeSantis pushes permanent ban on COVID mitigation measures Julia Conley
Democrat rips DeSantis for promoting "a fake ideology with real consequences"
01/19/2023 16:01 UTC
Idaho lawmakers want to criminalize mRNA vaccines. Here's what happens if their bill passes Nicole Karlis
Anti-vax Republicans lawmakers are taking a page from abortion bans — and public health experts are worried
02/23/2023 10:30 UTC
Bernie Sanders bill would give teachers $60K minimum wage — fully funded by taxing rich estates Jake Johnson
The average starting salary for teachers is less than $42,000. The bill would raise pay for 43% of teachers
02/15/2023 17:30 UTC
Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones text each other conspiracy theories Meaghan Ellis
The timeline of the conversations began at the onset of the pandemic
01/13/2023 10:00 UTC
Roseanne Barr calls cancel culture "fascist" in an interview with Tucker Carlson Kelly McClure
During a segment to plug her comeback special, Barr commented to Carlson that "the left" have no sense of humor
02/11/2023 16:59 UTC
Biden White House blasts Manchin-GOP push for Social Security "death panel" Jake Johnson
Biden spokesperson Andrew Bates called the proposed commissions a "death panel for Medicare and Social Security"
02/08/2023 10:00 UTC
Are we having fun yet? "Party Down" addresses the pandemic the way few shows have Alison Stine
It’s not only that Starz's series focuses on the hard-hit food service industry, but it shows us how to go on
02/26/2023 20:30 UTC
At EPA, staffing crisis clashes with expanded mission Lylla Younes
“The future of the EPA and our planet are at stake.”
03/19/2023 01:00 UTC
Trump complains about length of Diamond’s funeral and 2020 election in “narcissistic” eulogy Igor Derysh
Trump claimed he “just learned about Silk,” the other half of the anti-vax duo he hosted at the White House
01/23/2023 14:00 UTC