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"The situation is dire": An explosion of COVID cases in Idaho prompts hospitals to ration resources Jon Skolnik
The state has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country
09/17/2021 02:05 UTC
Kristi Noem's new theocracy: No masks in schools, but she is trying to make kids pray David Badash
South Dakota faces a raging pandemic, but its governor is focused on whether the government is "biblical" enough
09/18/2021 18:18 UTC
Campaigners to Biden: stop acting like a big pharma "puppet" and help vaccinate the world Jake Johnson
"The pandemic will continue its devastation, driven by a lack of political will"
09/23/2021 12:15 UTC
Nicki Minaj's vaccine skepticism wins her praise from Fox News, right-wing pundits Jon Skolnik
The rapper set of a social media firestorm after sowing doubt over the safety of the vaccine
09/14/2021 16:05 UTC
Gain-of-function research: all in the eye of the beholder Charles Schmidt
Should work done on coronaviruses in Wuhan, China, be considered “gain-of-function” research? Opinions differ
09/28/2021 12:15 UTC
Police unions vs. vaccine mandates: The workers drawing a line in the COVID battle Jon Skolnik
Police unions are leading the opposition to vaccination mandates for public workers
09/04/2021 07:45 UTC
Silencing dissent or quelling violence? Feds seek to help schools dealing with anti-mask protests Jon Skolnik
Department of Justice cites a "disturbing spike" in threats and violence against public school teachers and staff
10/05/2021 21:51 UTC
"No time for idiots": Howard Stern slams Joe Rogan for taking "horse dewormer" over COVID-19 vaccine Alex Henderson
"Go f**k yourself — we just don't have time for you," the veteran shock jock says
09/14/2021 09:31 UTC
Breitbart writer says Democrats use "reverse psychology" to kill Trump voters Alex Henderson
Dr Fauci, Howard Stern, and Nancy Pelosi plan to kill off Trump supporters by... urging them to get vaccinated?
09/23/2021 00:12 UTC
Ivanka and Jared tried to force their way into a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, writes Grisham Travis Gettys
The couple "thought they were the royal family" of the US, according to the Trump press secretary's new book
09/28/2021 14:32 UTC
9/11 brought Americans together. Why is the pandemic tearing them apart? Nicole Karlis
America missed its pandemic kumbaya moment. Disaster resilience researchers think they know why
09/10/2021 20:46 UTC
From deer and dogs to rats and mink, COVID-19 has spread to the animal world Matthew Rozsa
As SARS-CoV-2 spreads through some animal populations, animals may create a feedback loop as they re-infect humans
09/08/2021 09:40 UTC
The conservative group using the courts to push ivermectin on COVID patients Jon Skolnik
The ivermectin craze is being fueled by medical front groups with ties to right-wing dark money
10/16/2021 10:00 UTC
More than a year into the pandemic, our kids are not alright Hansa Bhargava - David Hill
As ERs fill with young COVID patients, pediatricians worry about another youth pandemic: depression and suicidality
09/18/2021 18:00 UTC
'Entirely unsurprising': Merck slammed for 4,000% markup of taxpayer-funded COVID-19 drug Jake Johnson
"Another example of Big Pharma reaping billions from public investment into research"
10/07/2021 09:15 UTC