Rob Richie

Rob Richie is the president and CEO of FairVote

Bernie Sanders
Democrats could face a disaster at a brokered convention. Here's how the DNC can avoid it Rob Richie
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Why Biden's big lead recalls Trump 2016 — and why that's a problem for democracy Rob Richie
Republican Boxing Gloves
Study: GOP likely to retain power after 2018 midterms Rob Richie
Roy Moore; John Curtis
How to save majority rule: What the Alabama and Utah primaries can teach us about democracy Rob Richie
Supreme Court Justices
It's worse than gerrymandering: This is the reform we need to restore democracy, competitive elections Rob Richie
The Christie scandal everyone overlooked: A $12 million self-motivated political scheme Rob Richie
Let's not give Chris Christie a pass for election chicanery Rob Richie
The House GOP can't be beat: It's worse than gerrymandering Rob Richie
Winner take some Rob Richie
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