December 19, 2015 Archive December 2015

"Are you Muslim first or American first?": Frank Luntz digs into a Muslim American focus group

This is why Stephen Colbert keeps losing to Jimmy Fallon

This question is CNN and Hugh Hewitt's shame: "Could you order air strikes that would kill innocent children by not the scores, but the hundreds and the thousands?"

Humiliated and crushed by Trump, Jeb has one way to get respect again: Declare he won't back the blowhard for prez

I posed question that proved GOP is nuts: 30 percent of Republicans say they'd bomb country from "Aladdin"

Disgrace in Saudi Arabia: U.S. ally set to behead third teenager for attending a protest

Sorry, Catholic schools: Discriminating against gay people in the name of "religious freedom" just got harder

Sanders campaign now threatening to sue DNC over "stolen" voter files

It's not about party, it's about hunger for war: 19 percent of Democrats also said they'd bomb fake country from "Aladdin"

"I am NOT J.J. Abrams": Twitter users spoil "Star Wars" for weatherman with slightly similar name

Bernie's campaign blows it: This is the kind of mistake that can cripple a candidacy (even if it shouldn't)

It's the "clock kid" all over again: A 12-year-old Sikh boy is the latest victim of racist terrorism paranoia

Rush Limbaugh and conservatives revolt! Their hatred for House budget deal could hand Donald Trump nomination

"I think it was a significant overreaction": Inside New York's ridiculous feud with L.A. over school closures

The year in guilty-pleasure movies: The most delightful flops and worst trainwrecks of the year

This is Colbert's real problem: Conservatives aren't the issue, it's mainstream America

True crime, Netflix-style: Because you watched "The Jinx," here's "Making a Murderer"

Republicans continue their assault on the voting rights of minorities, and the Supreme Court is helping them do it

7 demented ways America thinks about guns

George W. Bush vs. Al Gore, 15 years later: We really did inaugurate the wrong guy

"Actually, Uncle Bob": Robert Reich's guide to fact-checking your Fox News-loving family

Enjoy your beard now, hipsters. Paul Ryan has grown one, so it's definitely no longer cool

Stephen Colbert geeks out over "Star Wars," explains the original plot: "A criminal and his screaming dog-friend give them a ride to outer space"

Maybe Rush Limbaugh has a point: Paul Ryan just blew up the deficit, and Democrats are letting him

Donald Trump gets away with bullsh*t: The magical secrets that help him con the press

Mandy Patinkin pleads with Colbert's audience to resist Islamophobic fearmongering: "When you meet these women and children you will not be afraid"

It's snake oil, folks: Trump may think he believes what he's saying, but he's an opportunist gone rotten, not a true believer

Howard Beale would be mad as hell: Donald Trump, Les Moonves and the sale of American democracy

Ted Cruz accidentally makes a good point: The Democratic Party's immigration record is atrocious

Republican doom doesn't equal Democrat victory: Our political chaos could destroy them both