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Al Roker schools Megyn Kelly over her panned defense of putting on blackface for Halloween costumes

Megyn Kelly's "sorry" for suggesting blackface isn't racist: "I have never been a PC kind of person"

White supremacist and anti-Semitic outlet broadcasts racist robocalls against Andrew Gillum — again

Evacuation alarm disrupts live broadcast after suspicious package sent to CNN's New York offices

Veterans Affairs official removes "beautiful" painting of first KKK grand wizard from his office

Steve Doocy corrects "Fox & Friends" co-host live on-air: "I think there was some misinformation"

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Richard Spencer, white nationalist leader, accused of abuse by wife: report

Scarborough blasts Trump: "He’s spreading a lot of lies about non-white people to all-white crowds"

Words into bombs: Donald Trump's violent rhetoric has consequences

Scaramucci calls out Trump on CNN: "If you want me to say he's a liar, I'm happy to say he's a liar"

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