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Rand Paul leads Republicans in rejecting Trump’s claim that he has “total” authority over states

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Trump's Treasury Department gives banks green light to seize individuals' $1,200 stimulus checks

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Conservatives pour salt on the wounds of the GOP’s "historically humiliating" Wisconsin loss

Trump campaign sues Wisconsin TV station over ad using his words on coronavirus

Trump's darkness: White supremacy, Christian nationalism and the coronavirus

GOP Senator Richard Burr under fire for selling DC townhouse to powerful lobbyists

The ultimate stress test: The American world that COVID-19 reveals

Will Trump try to "reopen the economy" by force — even if thousands more die?

Order to print Trump's name on every stimulus check expected to delay payments to Americans

William Barr intervenes after Mississippi mayor restricts Easter church service due to coronavirus

This is now Trump's official policy: Deflect all the blame, steal all the credit

Don Jr. reveals he discussed pardoning Joe Exotic from "Tiger King" with dad: "He was fascinated"

Stacey Abrams: "I would be an excellent running mate" to Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson: "Radical expansion" of voting by mail championed by Obama would "destroy" democracy

Author Don Winslow: Trump's administration feels like it's "manifested itself" as the coronavirus

Elizabeth Warren endorses Joe Biden for president: "We're all in this together now"

"Why Fish Don't Exist" explores eugenics in the US, a Hawaiian murder plot, and the meaning of life

Sean Hannity claims President Obama is obsessed with him: "He can't get Fox News out of his head"

Inside Netflix's "Innocence Files": "The system is set up to attain convictions"

On "Little Fires Everywhere," everyone's secret comes out, setting up for a heated finale

Millionaire GOP congressman: Allowing more Americans to die is less evil than keeping economy closed

In "Mrs. America," Cate Blanchett shines as a frigid firebrand who challenges the feminist movement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected plea for ventilators from the UK: report

The future of the economy depends on antibody testing

Mark Kelly widens lead over Trump-loving Martha McSally to nearly double digits in Arizona: poll