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Kayleigh McEnany voted by mail 11 times in 10 years, but claims mail-in ballots invite rampant fraud

All-GOP Texas Supreme Court, voting from home, rules fear of coronavirus no excuse to vote by mail

Pennsylvania GOP kept Republican member’s COVID-19 status secret, allowed him to work without a mask

Top Senate Republican demands Trump explain his "glaring conflict of interest"

How to cover Joe Biden's flubs, flaws and failures — without repeating "but her emails"

Rep. Ilhan Omar talks Trump: "People are ready for someone who isn't triggered"

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Activist turned scientist Gregg Gonsalves on Trump's "genocide" and Deborah Birx's "horrific" game

As states reopen, tensions flare between the rule followers and rule breakers

Seattle judge tosses suit that tried to gag Fox News commentary

Mark Zuckerberg vows Facebook won’t fact-check Trump as he threatens social media executive order

Trump’s claim he couldn’t vote in person debunked: He drove by poll site six times but voted by mail

ACLU sues Food and Drug Administration over abortion care restrictions amid coronavirus pandemic

Facing lawsuits, Betsy DeVos quietly updates agency rule keeping dreamers from relief funds

President Trump amplifies "Cowboys for Trump" founder's call to execute Democrats

Yes, Trump's Twitter threats against Democrats are a "distraction" — but we can't ignore them

"I’m entitled": Kayleigh McEnany defends voting by mail 11 times while telling others "it’s fraud"

Kellyanne Conway voted by mail before she opposed allowing other voters to do the same: report

"Debt Collectors" star talks brawl that is a "straight rip-off" of "They Live" fight scene

After labeling white supremacy a "hoax," Carlson calls Minneapolis protests "a form of tyranny"

Trump signs executive order threatening free speech rights online

"People are starved to be in a crowded room again": Cherry Jones on how theater will bounce back

George Conway group blisters Mitch McConnell: He "violated and abased the solemn oaths he took"

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Aligned with "radical president," Susan Collins trails likely Democratic challenger by nine points