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Dick Wolf fires writer from "Law & Order" spinoff for threatening to "light up" looters

As Trump stokes racial divides, Biden vows to take on systemic racism: "I won't traffic in fear"

McConnell blocks resolution condemning Trump over use of tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters

Twitter shuts down white nationalist group posing as Antifa after Donald Trump Jr. shares its tweet

GOP embraces Trump’s military clampdown after stoking conspiracies about Obama invoking martial law

Veterans Affairs will remove headstones engraved with swastikas after initial refusal to do so

Iowa Republicans vote out "master of racism in Congress" Steve King amid protests for racial justice

C-SPAN caller slams evangelical leader Ralph Reed for defending Trump’s church photo-op

Democratic congressman on Black Lives Matter protests: "If I didn't have a primary I wouldn't care"

How the credibility gap became a chasm in the age of Trump

Peaceful protesters are driven off the street for Trump photo-op — and jaded journalists awaken

"Bad apples" are not the problem: America's police have a long legacy of brutal misconduct

Militarization has fostered a policing culture that sets up protesters as "the enemy"

Novelist and screenwriter Aleksandar Hemon on the "magnitude of catastrophe" facing America

Trump has left the building

Many presidents have faced moments of chaos and disorder: None has ever handled it worse

William Barr’s DOJ gives DEA authority to conduct “covert surveillance” of protesters: memo

FBI finds no evidence “indicating Antifa involvement” in DC protest despite Trump’s claims: document

Bill Barr personally ordered White House protesters gassed for Trump photo-op: report

Tucker Carlson warns Fox News viewers that "what you're watching is class war disguised as race war"

Trump thought a violent crackdown would be a victory for him — but the protesters are winning

Dr. Anthony Fauci: We may be closer to a coronavirus vaccine

White House chief of staff gives Ivanka Trump "credit" for photo-op where tear gas was used: report

All four former police officers have now been charged in George Floyd's death

As groceries board up amid protests, food inequality worsens for communities of color

Scarborough calls out McConnell over silence on Trump photo-op: Does he only critique black leaders?

The science is clear: Trump bungled the pandemic response

Sweden's chief epidemiologist defends the country's lax approach to pandemic