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On TV, protesters are faceless rabble while cops are bestowed with humanity

Mark Esper rejects Trump’s threat to deploy military: Troops should only be used as a "last resort"

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How immunity for Facebook kills Americans

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The 2020 rebellion has deep roots — and it can't be resolved by electing Joe Biden

GOP's Rand Paul blocks anti-lynching bill because it might “conflate lesser crimes with lynching”

Piers Morgan stops train-wreck interview to inform Rudy Giuliani he sounds "completely barking mad"

Group linked to far-right “boogaloo” movement plotted terror attacks against protesters: prosecutors

George Floyd had tested positive for COVID-19 before his death, full autopsy reveals

Tear-gassing protesters “is a very effective way of spreading coronavirus,” doctors say

Poor sad #BunkerBoy: Now Trump wants to edit real life, like an episode of "The Apprentice"

Arrest records and officials contradict Trump's claim that he only went to bunker for "inspection"

John Kelly fact-checks Trump's claim that he fired Mattis: "The president has clearly forgotten"

A German Shepherd in New York is the first American dog confirmed to have the coronavirus

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski: "I'm struggling" over whether to support Trump's re-election bid

Major medical journal's retraction of hydroxychloroquine study is poised to rile the MAGA crowd

Huge rise in unemployment likely to push Americans to the left, experts say

Trump says his faith has "maybe" grown: "From the standpoint that I see so much that I can do"

John Boyega spoke out against racism, but Hollywood has punished actors for that in the past