June 25, 2020 Archive June 2020

William Barr agrees to testify before House Judiciary Committee after Nadler issues subpoena threat

Devin Nunes can’t sue Twitter over fake cow trolling him for not being a real dairy farmer: judge

Beyond flashy big names, "The Politician" showcases how voters are bamboozled, swayed, and disgusted

Bolton says Trump turned a "blind eye" to coronavirus: "There was an empty chair in the Oval Office"

New research suggests racial justice protests have not led to COVID-19 transmission spike

GOP senator begs Trump to not pull federal funding for coronavirus tests

GOP theatrics drown out testimony as whistleblowers accuse Barr of politicizing Justice Department

A top White House economic adviser is leaving — and sounding the alarm on his way out

Uber drivers protest in front of CEO's home, urge him to stop funding anti-worker ballot measure

GOP cements takeover of the courts: Senate confirms Trump's 200th federal judge

Social Security commissioner invested in company that makes COVID test touted by Trump

Wesley Lowery is right: Media's notion of "neutrality" is an imaginary white guy

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abott reverses courses, urges people to stay home after reopening

After Tulsa: Liberal schadenfreude may feel good, but it won't win the November election

Robert Reich: America is exceptional in all the wrong ways

House Democrats: “We may very well” impeach William Barr for "reigning terror on the rule of law"

What the Trump campaign is up to on YouTube? (Hint: It involves aliens, Bin Laden and Ivanka)

"Character counts": Former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina plans to vote for Joe Biden

Kellyanne Conway attacks Asian-American journalist as she defends Trump's use of "Kung Flu"

Trump and the statues: He still thinks provoking conflict will get him re-elected

Jenny Slate exits "Big Mouth": "Black characters should be played by Black people"

A new study hints at how non-living matter coalesced into the first living cells

Congress may pass another stimulus bill. Here's what that means for you

Imagine if you will a white liberal Karen has entered "The Twilight Zone" for its best episode yet

Farewell to privacy: Lindsay Graham unveils a bill that would make encryption useless