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Lyft laid off contract janitors while spending $17.5 million on an astroturf ballot measure

Senate Dems probe political donations surrounding nomination of Louis DeJoy’s wife to be ambassador

Thom Tillis staffer tells cancer survivor that people only deserve health care if they can afford it

"Star Trek: Discovery" Season 3 trailer: Rousing speeches restore faith in the Federation

"Mulan" backlash grows over filming in Xinjiang, site of reported human rights abuses

"Ellen DeGeneres Show" Season 18 returns Sept. 21: "Yes, we’re gonna talk about it"

Sacha Baron Cohen back for "Borat 2" and is already done filming the sequel — report

America's so-called war on terror has displaced as many as 59 million people

Citizenship delays imperil voting for hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the 2020 election

"They’re extremely sophisticated": DHS confirms white supremacists remain the biggest threat to U.S.

With schools starting online, vaccinations head for recess

Trump says it would be "an insult to our country” if Kamala Harris became the first female president

How the evangelical movement became Trump's "bitch" — and yes, I know what that word signifies

Safety advocates assail lack of federal action on weak vehicle seats

Trump's contempt for the military reveals his fatuous, bloated ego — and could finish him off

Bill Barr leverages Justice Dept. to "cancel" E. Jean Carroll's rape accusation against Trump

Exclusive: Susan Collins' plight gets worse with new corruption allegation, possible ethics probe

Trump rejects traditional preparations as first debate against Biden approaches: report

“Some animals are parasitic": Lincoln Project targets "parasite" Lindsay Graham over fealty to Trump

Mike Pence plans to attend fundraiser hosted by QAnon adherents: report

Deutsche Bank taps long-time ally of William Barr for legal representation in Washington: report

"Hard to stomach": "Buoyancy" director on the horrors of enslaved labor in the Thai fishing industry

"There are tapes": Kayleigh McEnany criticized for claiming that Trump "never downplayed the virus"

Four stunning revelations Bob Woodward reveals about Donald Trump in his devastating new book "Rage"

Kevin Spacey sued for alleged sexual assault on 14-year-old boys in 1980s

Daisy Ridley confirms Rey was almost a Kenobi, then her parentage got retconned

"Dune" trailer: Denis Villeneuve dazzles with Timothée Chalamet, sandworms, and more

Lamorne Morris shines in "Woke," which pokes at one man's dawning realization of systemic racism

“Homicidal negligence”: Trump admits on tape that he hid "deadly" threat of coronavirus from public

Why west coast wildfires are turning the skies red

The US is experiencing a "K-shaped" economic recovery. Here's what that means