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"This seems totally illegal": Amazon may ban union terms like "pay raise" in internal messages

Tennessee Republicans push to abolish age limit on heterosexual marriages amidst "groomer" outrage

Big Hillary Clinton FEC fine could be very bad news for Trump's $770 million campaign fund scheme

Congress just made a "choice to extend the pandemic" by cutting international COVID aid to $0

Putin's war crimes — and his military failures — are making his GOP apologists squirm

Trump court filing demands his judge be removed from case – because he was appointed by Bill Clinton

Marjorie Taylor Greene leads GOP revolt against "pro-pedophile" Republicans voting for Judge Jackson

What is an egg cream, anyway?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pushing for his own version of Florida's “Don’t Say Gay” bill

Elon Musk blows up Twitter with board of directors announcement

Trump inadvertently admits defeat while trying to spin historians: "When I didn't win the election"

What will COVID-19 look like in 2100? Scientists predict three possible scenarios

The United Kingdom could lose more than a third of its iconic fish and chips shops

Matt Gaetz blows up at defense secretary, accuses Lloyd Austin of prioritizing "wokeism"

“The View” calls Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse's hypocritical stance against KBJ "pathetic"

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi denies plagiarism charge for "A Hero" after public indictment

"I do not like gay cookies": Conservatives vow to boycott Oreo over new ad

Dry Lambrusco is delicious — why is it also so hard to find?

Secrets of a gossip writer: The unchecked power of Lady Whistledown on "Bridgerton"

Burger King accused of a whopper: Lawsuit claims chain's popular burger is deceptively advertised