Anna March

Anna March’s writing appears frequently here in Salon as well as in The New York Times' Modern Love column, New York Magazine and The Rumpus. She is the Publisher of the magazine Roar. Her essay collection, "Feminist Killjoy," and novel are forthcoming. Follow her on Twitter @annamarch or learn more about her at

Women's March Hat
Where have all the pussyhats gone? Anna March
Pink Hat
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Matthew Klam
"Wiggly meats": Feminism, "transgressive sex" and the fiction of Matthew Klam Anna March
Laptop On FIre
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Women protest against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the GOP in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan
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Smartphone Beach
What do I owe my mother? It's not selfish or childish to refuse to forgive and forget Anna March
Hillary Clinton
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Bob Dylan
Just like a woman: I'm a feminist and I love Bob Dylan—even though I know I shouldn't Anna March
Broken Pencil
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Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton
Even when Hillary wins, she loses: In Iowa, I saw plenty of excitement for Clinton, too — but Sanders' surge is still the big news Anna March
Pope Francis
Stop calling Pope Francis progressive: You might love his pastoral style, but don't fool yourself on Vatican substance Anna March