Lauryn Higgins

Twitter: @laurynhiggins22

Lauryn Higgins was fortunate enough to be born and bred in what some would call a James Taylor song. A native Tar Heel and currently a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she is Salon's Young American journalist for the state of North Carolina. Her hope is to provide an accurate portrait of the state's current affairs with an organic ethos and an on the ground perspective. Her unwavering belief in authentic truth-telling and passion to make news accessible and understandable for everyone, is what drew her to this project, and to the field of journalism. She believes her home state's heritage of being First in Flight and last to turn off the porch light is why she'll always have Carolina on her mind.
Twitter @laurynhiggins22
Instagram @laurynhiggins

Coal Ash Spill
Coal Ash
Woman in Handcuffs
Hillary Clinton
Man holding out money
Elementary School Classroom
Robert E. Lee; Confederate Monuments
Voting Polling Place
Great White Shark
Rescue Team Providing First Aid
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