Sarah Gamard

Sarah Gamard has always needed writing and storytelling more than food. The undergraduate reports from Louisiana, a state that prides itself on being unlike any other in the U.S. The below-sea-level cities and laissez-faire politics make Louisiana magical, but also crown it with unique problems. Underfunded flood protection, an increasing budget shortfall and the world's highest incarceration are just a few factors that play into the state's famously dubbed "jungle politics." When Gamard is not in class at Louisiana State University, she's covering committee meetings and chamber debates at the state capitol in Baton Rouge. Follow her on Twitter: @SarahGamard

John Bel Edwards
John Neely Kennedy
John Bel Edwards
Orientation at University
Mike the Tiger
New Orleans Saints
Mitch Landrieu
New Orleans
Tropical Weather Lousiana
LGBT Pride Parade
Tropical Storm Cindy
New Orleans Pride parade
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