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"We lived in constant suffering": The secret life of a Palestinian refugee

The "rage to master": What it takes for those scary-smart kids to succeed

"He gave me no choice": First side of the story released from Cleveland cop who shot Tamir Rice

Reading from my friend's diary at her funeral felt wrong -- back when we were still living off-the-record

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OB-GYN Kathleen Morrell explains the benefits of laws allowing women to get birth control over-the-counter

This is how I lost my faith: Science helped, yes -- but finally I accepted the holy texts were written by man

Beyond "Storage Wars" of the 1 percent: A not-so-radical proposal for the art museum of the future

Rachel Dolezal speaks: Complete response coming during Monday NAACP meeting

Roger Ailes shuts down Chris Christie: "You were like the fat kid in high school chasing the popular kid"

Rachel Dolezal's adopted brother: She's been living in "blackface"

Wilder retains WBC heavyweight title with knockout of Molina

The power and the glory of Dusty Rhodes: The "American Dream" who transcended pro wrestling's racial divide

Here's how Bernie Sanders could win: The one issue where Hillary's vulnerable, and where the Tea Party might be right

Antonin Scalia is unfit to serve: A justice who rejects science and the law for religion is of unsound mind

Artists are just this screwed: When capitalism markets rebellion, how does the rebel stand outside?

10 companies that are openly contemptuous of their customers

The perfect picture from the International Space Station an astronaut tried to take for 200 days

Heirloom tomatoes' bizarre evolution: The secret history of the tastiest summer treat

The front-runner is a joke: Jeb Bush plans announcement after underwhelming everyone

Sarah Palin on Rachel Dolezal: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh ... this hard"

"I wish this had never happened to me": Jonas Salk cured polio, only to be shunned by science

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Aasif Mandvi: "Hollywood's heroes are still Caucasian"

Back off, thinsplainers! We've heard it all before

"The Wire" is right about everything: David Simon nailed the police, media, politicians

"We are whatever you want us to be": The gospel according to Black Sabbath

Rachel Dolezal, Sunday update: Reports from inside her race and culture college courses. Also, Rob Lowe jumps in

Stop defending "Game of Thrones": How HBO gutted the stories I love

America's worst governor backs down: Sam Brownback's Kansas tax cutting model tarnished after sales tax raised