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Western ally Saudi Arabia sentenced a Palestinian poet to death for renouncing Islam

Now we're leering at suicide bombers: The grotesque objectification of Hasna Ait Boulahcen

I went to church with Ted Cruz. He is building an army of young Christian voters in Iowa

Jeb Bush adviser just comes out and says it: Donald Trump looks like a fascist

Woodrow Wilson's racist acts were notable, even for the time: "It really was reprehensible to segregate federal employees"

This is the GOP's war on sex: Widespread popularity of sex without making babies is no obstacle to fundamentalist fanatics

The Donald's crossed the line: Even Bill Maher is appalled by Trump's latest Islamophobic low

Stop talking about who's "had work done": "Modern Family" star shares heartbreaking cosmetic surgery stories

8 of the nuttiest things Jenny McCarthy has ever said (in public)

Top Clinton donor and "Koch Brother of Israel" supports profiling and "intense" interrogation of refugees

Happy 20th Anniversary Salon

After Paris terror attacks, an amped up round of security state vitriol is directed at Edward Snowden

Trans resilience is more important to honor than ever — even in the year of Caitlyn Jenner

Stephen Colbert just nailed the GOP's Christian hypocrisy on Syrian refugees with one Bible verse

Bernie Sanders just gave the most powerful speech of his campaign: Why his socialism address was a defining moment

The shadows of a new American fascism: Why our surging xenophobia could have some very dangerous consequences

"They basically stole Phil Dick’s pitch": Why Amazon's "Man In the High Castle" might not please die-hard Philip K. Dick fans

I left my church for my family

We have the Woodrow Wilson/P.C. debate all backwards: Protesters are forcing a debate Princeton has whitewashed for decades

Karl Rove's dream come true: Why voters favor liberal ideas, but polls undercount conservatives

"Petty and desperate for attention": Stephen Colbert mocks GOP candidates invoking equal time after Trump hosts SNL

Bill Maher goes there, takes on Ben Carson's religion: "We know where those fingers have been, in every war in human history"

Bill Maher mocks Trump, but blasts religion: "This idea that somehow we do share values, that all religions are alike, is bullsh*t. And we need to call it bullsh*t"

We blew it after 9/11. We're blowing it again after Paris

The 12 best reasons to be a democratic socialist

The secret history of terror in Europe: How our blindness to a century of mistakes is making everyone less safe

The disturbing truth about Marco Rubio: The establishment's favorite is running an extremist, Islamophobic campaign

Hillary is in too deep: Why she'll never be able to extricate herself from Wall Street

Second Amendment time-traveling: If only the framers could have envisioned the NRA

Freedom fries and chicken hawks: The American history mosque-closers and chest-thumpers must learn

Privacy not included: Federal law lags far behind new tech

The last JFK assassination myth: Debunking the eerie prediction that won't go away

The GOP-ISIS nightmare coalition: Islamic extremists and the anti-immigrant right have the same goal -- the death of democracy

Under the cover of humanitarian aid: The U.S. military is all over Africa