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Never say #NeverTrump: The reunifying Republican Party is doing all it can to avoid a reckoning

VOTE: Is there a racial bias against people of color among police in the United States?

Trump endorses stop-and-frisk, promises to make "those inner cities ... really terrific"

It's going to get worse: Government report says climate change will pose national security challenge

The oldest profession meets the newest tech: How the internet is keeping the sex trade going strong

Senate rejects bill blocking U.S.-Saudi arms deal; rights groups applaud "growing dissent" on Yemen war crimes

Trump "scares the s---t out of me," says Mark Cuban, ratcheting up his criticism

AfterEllen and the digital media bust: Queer spaces for women are disappearing, even on the Internet

“Why am I so unhappy?”: "Transparent" enters a season of grief

The Fieri-ssance is here: Sorry, Anthony Bourdain — it's no longer cool to hate on Guy Fieri

Battling Mother Nature: Why New York probably won't abandon its waterfront in the face of climate change

Not a techie in Silicon Valley? Too bad: Apartment buildings boot poor people for tech workers

What Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aren't talking about: Policy discussion is missing from the campaign

Mike Pence, a heartbeat away from the presidency? Now that's frightening

Yeah, there's a difference: Wells Fargo scandal is another reminder that we can't afford Trump and the GOP

Behind China's steel curtain: How a heavy metal merger might stave off a trade war

Don't blame Bee: No, Ross Douthat, cultural liberalism isn't responsible for Trump's rise

Colbert sets expectations for presidential debate: Trump's "low bar is not telling Lester Holt he'd be a 10 if he bought a new set of knockers"

"I'm still angry": Oliver Stone slams "superficial election," media "idiots," Orwellian U.S. politics

Trevor Noah responds to Terence Crutcher shooting: "It seems extremely easy to get shot by police in America"

Can Hillary rebuild her campaign with an upbeat message? And will anyone even notice?

EXCLUSIVE — WATCH: Milo Yiannopoulos show his true colors

Charlotte protests turn violent: 1 man shot on second night of demonstrations

WATCH: Hillary Clinton goes "Between Two Ferns" with Zach Galifianakis, immediately regrets it

LAPD denies it's investigating Brad Pitt for child abuse

Millions of emails hacked: Yahoo to reveal massive data breach as sale to Verizon approaches

Sean Hannity tries and fails to smear Terence Crutcher: "I read that there was numerous warrants out for his arrest"

"Run them down": Glenn Reynolds baffled at brief Twitter ban over inflammatory Charlotte protesters tweet

Dawes plugs in on "We're All Gonna Die": "We wanted to go beyond the more traditional approaches we’d taken"

Throwing shade at Trump: Obama tells U.N. "world is too small to build a wall"

Trump campaign chair in Ohio: "There wasn't any racism until Obama got elected"

When the hackers are the feds: The government may be reading your emails without you ever knowing about it

Trump's stop-and-frisk fiasco: A terrible plan for fighting crime in Chicago (or anywhere)

Meet your "Doom": Carnegie Mellon researchers deliberately violate Asimov's First Law of robotics, teach robots to kill

Europe has lift off: European stock markets defy expectations, skyrocket for second day running

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

On November 28th, Nike will take us "Back to the Future" with self-lacing shoes

Uber's hurting your 401k: You can't buy valuable company's shares, and that's not good for the stock market

“He will be our brother”: Watch a 6-year-old’s inspiring message to President Obama asking to adopt a Syrian refugee