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"The rats are leaving the sinking ship": Lindsey Graham agrees to let Robert Mueller testify

Seafood's antibiotic crisis: Fish farming is creating an animal welfare disaster

Former Trump Organization executive: The president is "emotionally stunted"

Manufacturer approved for coronavirus hardship loan — but just landed a $83M government contract

Coronavirus side effects: Deep budget cuts for state and local government services

"Women are in to serve": Joni Ernst rejects McSally's claim on pregnancy in the military

State violence, a crisis of legitimacy, and the path to true public safety

A singular figure in Texas’ coronavirus collapse: Greg Abbott leads his state in alarming direction

Dr. John Gartner: "Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history"

Trump’s purge of the Voice of America continues: Visas for foreign journalists won't be extended

Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's sentence is blatant corruption: He'll get away with it

White House sends “oppo dump” in attempt to discredit Fauci after he disputes Trump on coronavirus

Betsy DeVos criticized for plan to reopen schools: "I wouldn't trust you to care for a house plant"

Cruz called out for not wearing mask on American Airlines flight: "Horrifying disregard" for others

Giuliani: Trump's tax audits have been "completed and accepted" — except maybe not

Trump falsely claims that he golfs less than Obama during 276th golf course outing as president

CBS, once broadcast's whitest network, sets an ambitious goal for inclusive hiring

The affluent are in denial about their class privilege, research says

Ex-chief of staff Mick Mulvaney slams Trump's “inexcusable” failure after his kid can’t get tested

Beluga whales are the ocean's extroverts, research finds

"We could have done more": Mueller prosecutor to publish insider account before Election Day

Don't be fooled by the "cancel culture" wars: Corporate power is the real force behind racism

Astronomers perplexed by "Odd Radio Circles," a newly discovered, very rare space phenomenon