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Police: Justin Townes Earle died from "probable drug overdose"

"Joe Exotic" series starring Kate McKinnon ordered at Peacock, NBC, USA Network

Natalia Dyer criticizes media for sexualizing "Stranger Things" kids: "I feel protective over them"

Sen. Steve Daines won’t meet with constituents, but keeps taking taxpayer-funded trips to China

"Morning Joe" hosts left speechless by "cranks and misfits" on parade during RNC

RNC speaker booted after sharing a blatantly anti-Semitic message hours before the event began

"Unprecedented and wrong": Mike Pompeo slammed for address to GOP convention from Jerusalem

Nikki Haley tried to argue the U.S. isn’t racist — but she just proved the opposite point

Former One America News correspondent Emily Miller gets senior FDA post

Trump tarnishes another pillar of American science

Last call for the 25th Amendment? Trump's Cabinet won't depose him — but they should

The 2020 RNC isn't a political convention — it's a celebration of the Trump cult

RNC Day 2: Far-right fringe views, racial profiling and "household voting" overshadow Melania Trump

Two killed in Kenosha protest over Jacob Blake shooting as armed “militia” descends to defend stores

Of course the RNC featured anti-choice radical Abby Johnson, who thinks women shouldn't vote

Mark Meadows dismisses concerns about possible Hatch Act violations at GOP convention as "hoopla"

There are now three known cases of patients contracting COVID-19 twice

"Let's get this man out of office": Comic star Tituss Burgess gets serious about politics

Remembering Eunice Foote, the suffragette-scientist who prophesied climate change

NBA Players sit out games in protest of Jacob Blake shooting

Lindsey Graham asks why Jacob Blake "didn't yield" before being shot in the back by Kenosha police

Trump demands that Joe Biden submit to a drug test ahead of the presidential debates

Trump campaign paid $2.3 million in donor funds to president's private businesses: FEC filings

Tear gas sprayed on Portland protesters revealed to contain toxic metal compounds

How Trump inspired "Lingua Franca," Isabel Sandoval's romantic tale of a trans Filipina immigrant

Registered foreign agent Pam Bondi accuses Joe Biden of self-dealing in Republican convention speech