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Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Salon Talks with Ali Velshi: A normal interest rate "doesn't mean the world is coming to an end"

Oregon white supremacist mowed down black teenager with his Jeep

Amy Schumer is our hero: Watch her kick out sexist heckler during performance in Sweden

Leaked "Democratic Party memo" admits U.S. war in Iraq fueled rise of ISIS

Got to give it up for Robin Thicke: Siding with "Blurred Lines" feels wrong, but it's the right thing to do

A 10-year-old boy? An 84-year-old grandmother? Police brutality will not end in America until cops stop perceiving blacks as monsters

We're all living in the "Upside Down": "Stranger Things" is a show about the internet's dark sides

Breaking: "I have found and befriended a lower-middle class white family": The Greatest Living American Writer

"Dekalog": The legendary Communist-era Polish miniseries that shaped the TV we watch today

Colin Kaepernick's brave decision: An open letter to the 49ers quarterback

Young Thug marches to his own beat: Why the rapper's gender-bending style matters

What's really backward? From India to France, millions are rising up against the effects of Western domination

The non-nuclear option: The most urgent threat to human civilization isn't Trump

Hillary's GOP outreach: Could it do more harm than good for Democrats?

Laws that hurt women: Dangerous anti-choice policies in Texas and Ohio may have damaged women's health

Get off of my cloud: Dell's $60 billion merger with EMC is all about challenging Amazon's dominance of cloud computing

Trump's "zero tolerance" failure: His harsh immigration policy would hurt immigrants and citizens alike

Donald Trump's Willie Horton moment: Using an old tactic to smear Hillary Clinton

Amy Schumer on her "degenerate" friends, and how she dealt with the "Trainwreck" shooting

Latinos for Trump founder warns of "taco trucks on every corner" if Hillary Clinton wins

McDonald's slowly abandoning its small-owner-focused franchising model

Putting lives in danger: Trump's vile Phoenix speech was terrifying — and the result could be tragic

Larry Wilmore to Stephen Colbert: "All the best worst racial stuff started happening" after show got cancelled

"Birth of a Nation" star Gabrielle Union speaks out on Nate Parker rape allegations

Presidential debates set, moderators announced: Fox News, NBC, CNN and ABC anchors will grill Trump and Clinton

Payrolls in U.S. only climbed by 151,000 in August

How the "Sausage Party" gets made: Why Seth Rogen's talking-food cartoon's labor controversy matters

Disgraced Subway pitchman Jared Fogle is actually suing the parents of one of his victims

Dwyane Wade responds to Donald Trump's use of his cousin's murder for "political gain": "It just left a bad taste in my mouth"

Stanford rapist Brock Turner released from jail after serving just three months

Robot "employees" coming to select Lowe's this fall

The "Mexico sends them" myth: Trump’s not just racist but channeling far-right immigration conspiracies

Porn is not "for losers": Pamela Anderson is wrong to blame it for Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal

FBI publishes notes on Hillary Clinton's use of private email

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Despite 10,000 civilian casualties in Yemen — 13 per day — U.S. reaffirms support for Saudi Arabia