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Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

You'll never guess who wrote one of the first biographies of Adolf Hitler (Spoiler: It was probably Hitler)

Russia did it: U.S. blames "senior-most" Russian officials for Wikileaks, DCLeaks email hacks

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: The Jill Stein Campaign, for a shockingly late (and clueless) email

Donald Trump downplays leaked audio clip about women: "Bill Clinton has said far worse"

J.K. Simmons' strong silent types: "Some, because of their own upbringing, or pain or self-consciousness, have a difficult time letting it out"

"Hamilton" is the new "Star Wars": My sons' epic love for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Founding Fathers musical

Mike Mills' classical rock: Life after R.E.M. includes a new violin concerto bringing orchestra crowds to their feet

Off the rails: The real mystery of "The Girl on the Train" is why it never gets on track

Rebranding Bernie: The Sanders revolution will evolve into a sticky political movement

Technocratic for the people: What Hillary Clinton gets wrong about Bernie Sanders' political revolution

Sign language: Horoscopes for people oblivious to Astrology

Faith in ignorance: Politicians who quote the Bible often don't know anything about the Bible

Republicans panic, call on Donald Trump to "step down" following leaked audio boasting of groping women

Storm surge: The benefits of cleanup and recovery after a major hurricane

If Trump and Clinton want to reach voters in the next debate, they need to talk about police brutality

From the "old right" to the alt-right: How the conservative ideology of FDR's day fueled the rise of Trump

In paid speeches, Hillary Clinton said she "represented" and "had great relations" with Wall Street

Basest instincts: Donald Trump’s apology sounds like a rapist saying “she asked for it”

Donald Trump's tremendous debate prep strategy: Trump on Trump, with even more Trump

U.S.-armed Saudi coalition bombed Yemen funeral, massacring 140, wounding 525 in "lake of blood"

Fighting the power and speaking for the earth: The explosion of Native American hip-hop