October 26, 2018 Archive October 2018

Ann Coulter reacts to explosive devices sent in the mail: "Bombs are a liberal tactic"

No GOP candidates showed up to a rally that Steve Bannon purportedly held on their behalf: report

Trump justified bomb delivered to CNN’s New York offices in tweet complaining about "fake news"

CNN host calls out Donald Trump for linking bombs mailed to his critics to the “fake news" media

The largest newspaper in Arizona just endorsed a Democrat for Senate for the first time in 18 years

Inside a Trump project that failed. Spoiler: The Trumps still won

A radical Republican shows his Aryan colors

The case for giving every American $25 “Democracy Vouchers” for every election

Meghan McCain does some soul searching and admits her past rhetoric on "The View" was polarizing

ACLU warns that GOP voter suppression could swing Senate races in Arizona, North Dakota

Energy Department ready to approve nuclear waste dumping

Donald Trump spell-check: Why does Our Leader insist on capitalizing "Country"?

Democrats can’t count on Latinos to swing the midterms

Kelly slammed by NBC colleagues: “She doesn’t understand that she represents more than just herself"

Donald Trump won't give up his iPhone: Who's he talking to, and who's listening?

Man arrested in connection to investigation into mail bomb plot, federal officials confirm

Trump's October surprise: 800 US troops will be sent to the border

Heidi Heitkamp raised a whopping $12.5 million in the wake of her decision to oppose Brett Kavanaugh

There have now been 12 packages containing explosive devices mailed to critics of Donald Trump

At least three GOP governor candidates embrace anti-vaccine disinformation

Ex-White House press secretary on Trump: “He was elected to be president . . . not a mental patient"

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Earn certificates in Agile for less than $40

So long, Megyn Kelly: Now we know your racism was always perfectly sincere

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After the arrest in Florida, Trump's guilt is clearer than ever: But will anything change?

Jeff Sessions confirms suspected bomber Cesar Sayoc is a "partisan"

How much "scary stuff" can my young kid handle?

"They wanted me to, but we’ll pass": Trump refuses to call Clintons or Obamas following bomb scare

Google rewards abusive executive with 8-figure exit package

Ricki Lake on "Weed the People": "It's not about getting high, it’s about children dying of cancer"

Got the winning lottery ticket? An economist explains what to do with all that money