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Top US companies lay off thousands of workers while rewarding shareholders amid coronavirus pandemic

Seniors sour on Trump's plan to cut Social Security in exchange for Covid-19 relief

Devin Nunes’ attorney could face court sanctions for being a nuisance

Poll: Republicans three times more likely than Democrats to say they’ll refuse COVID-19 vaccine

Donald Trump Jr. investing in far-right OANN, “aiming to take down Fox”: report

Ring the alarm bells: Media must respond to Trump's failure with urgency, activism

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Beware the Pentagon’s pandemic profiteers

Live and let die: Was this Trump's "Mission accomplished" moment?

Texas governor admits in secret recording that reopening will lead to "increase” in COVID-19 cases

Ousted whistleblower files complaint alleging he was pressured to give contract to friend of Kushner

Ginsburg blasts Trump administration over birth control rule in live hearing from her hospital bed

Donald Trump is bored: He wants to move on from this pandemic — just as it hits swing states

President Obama’s office accuses Republican senators of promoting "Russian disinformation campaign"

Trump blames Russia probe and impeachment when asked why he never replenished national stockpile

Victory for "basic democracy" as judge orders New York to reinstate Sanders to primary ballot

Kushner's shadow coronavirus task force prioritized requests from Fox News hosts: whistleblower

William Barr warns Trump administration to back off lawsuit seeking to kill Obamacare: report

FCC ordered to release detailed data from fake net neutrality comments

GOP lawmakers got illegal haircuts while calling on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to reopen salons

In comedy-thriller "12 Hour Shift," blood and chaos reigns as a murderer terrorizes a hospital

Inside the opulence and decadence of "Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles"

GOP Gov. Brian Kemp warns of new outbreak in heavily Latino area after he reopens Georgia businesses

"Becoming" is a feel-good portrait of Michelle Obama that's a better concert film than biography

The microscopic equivalent of a "shield" could stop COVID-19 before it starts