September 23, 2020 Archive September 2020

Trump lays out his plan to have the Supreme Court intervene in the presidential election

Top election forecaster shifts Senate races away from Republicans Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham

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3 ways a 6-3 Supreme Court would be different

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Masks in the mail: The pandemic inflection point that might have been

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Without Ginsburg, judicial threats to the ACA, reproductive rights heighten

Is Trump's Supreme Court strategy self-destructive — or his pathway to a second term?

Republicans to ask Supreme Court to restrict voting by mail in Pennsylvania in post-Ginsburg appeal

Trump and the GOP don't care about 200,000 dead — only about power

Trump attacks John McCain after former Republican senator’s widow endorses Joe Biden: "Never a fan"

No charges filed against any of the three officers for the killing of Breonna Taylor

Trump said he could not "understand why" his wife Melania "would want to go" to Africa: report

Fox News interview comes back to bite Eric Trump in new legal motion filed by NY AG Letitia James

Homeland Security gave $6M in contracts to firm where acting secretary's wife is executive: report

Divisive Supreme Court fight upends must-win Senate race for Democrats in North Carolina

Trump’s vaccine czar refuses to give up stock in drug company involved in his government role

Sherlock's teen sister channels "Fleabag" for Netflix's fourth-wall-breaking feminist romp

A breakthrough week on climate: With bold pledges, China and California take the lead

A COVID vaccine, every year, for the rest of your life? It’s starting to look that way

In Senate hearing, Fauci raises alarm over long-term side effects of COVID-19

“Political hit job”: GOP’s Biden report littered with debunked claims and “Russian disinformation”

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