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Project Veritas led wide-ranging campaign to tar “deep state” during Trump presidency: report

Rep. Chip Roy mounts last-minute campaign against Elise Stefanik for GOP conference chair

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Israeli defense minister threatens "Gaza will burn." Critics say it's "evidence of war crimes"

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What are fungi, and what do they have to do with . . . everything?

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The nourishing joy of simmered whole chicken

"Bizarre, shameful, and untrue": Clinton comes to Biden's defense after generals attack his health

Right wing goes nuts over gas shortage, invents elaborate reasons why it's Biden's fault

Nancy Pelosi refuses to relax mask mandate until more Republicans in the House get vaccinated

Liz Cheney calls out Fox News' election lies in contentious interview with Bret Baier

Ewan McGregor dazzles in "Halston," which neglects to understand the legend behind the fashions

"Those Who Wish Me Dead" wastes Angelina Jolie's action chops in a film that's more smoke than fire

Sebastian Gorka blames U.S. Army soldier with two moms for America's "weakness"

Meghan McCain: Marjorie Taylor Greene makes Republicans look like "psychotic barbarians"

“Reckless” GOP Rep violated COVID rules, let son live in Capitol storage unit: lawsuit

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene staffer confronts Rep. Eric Swalwell over wearing a mask inside Capitol

States, businesses react to CDC statement that fully vaccinated can go maskless

Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg pleads guilty in sex trafficking case

"The Underground Railroad" is a relentlessly tough, yet gorgeously rendered television masterpiece