David Dayen

David Dayen is a contributing writer for Salon. His first book, "Chain of Title," is out now. Follow him on Twitter at @ddayen.

Jeff Bezos
Amazon’s decision to pull out of NYC is a massive blow to corporate welfare David Dayen
LA Teachers Strike
“Welcome to the revolution”: LA teachers strike pits working-class power against privatization David Dayen
Steve Mnuchin
Steve Mnuchin’s reign of destruction: From Wall Street to Trump’s treasury David Dayen
Mick Mulvaney
Trump appointees are pushing a deregulation plan that could dramatically erode consumer protections David Dayen
Post Office
Postal banking could become a reality even without Congress David Dayen
Little piece of a very big pie: Looming writers strike is about much more than what's on TV David Dayen
Foreclosed Home
Sorry you lost your home: Americans deserve more than an apology for the foreclosure fraud epidemic David Dayen
Anti-TPP Signs
Trouble for the TPP: Business groups' desperate PR campaign signals possible failure for trade deal David Dayen
“It’s like a nightmare that just won’t go away”: The Corinthian Colleges scam demonstrates the madness of student debt David Dayen
Bernie Sanders Supporters
Social democracy and the dignity of work: The U.S. must learn from Scandinavian "utopias" for Bernie's revolution to move forward David Dayen
Payday Lender
Hope for those in debt: Can a non-profit help put predatory payday lenders out of business? David Dayen
A crisis we can solve: Denying health care to undocumented immigrants is immoral, unjust and un-American David Dayen
John Oliver
What John Oliver missed about debt-forgiveness: Debtors helped could still get socked with tax bill — another sign of a broken system David Dayen
Verizon Picketers
New life for the labor movement: The Verizon deal is a huge victory for all workers David Dayen
Bernie Sanders
Bernie says bail out Puerto Rico: Sanders details how the feds should rescue the territory as they did big banks David Dayen